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Follow up after treatment.


Re: Follow up after treatment.

Hi all

I was diagnosed Jan 2008 6.5cm tumour, 5 out of 19 lympth nodes and surrounding tissue affected.TAC chemo, then bilateral mastectomy and finally finished rads in September was originaly told check ups would be 12 monthly but I could call any time I was worried. As it happened went back in November and was given chest X-ray because of a cough and was seen again in February and told next appointment will be six months.
Not seeing surgeon for 12 months, due in July 2009 but have rung to see her before as I have some concerns.
It does seem as if you are cast adrift, but it has been made very clear to me that if I have any worries all I have to do is ring and I will be seen.
Seeing my GP at present for what he thinks is Gallstones, I just hope he is right.
Love to all


Re: Follow up after treatment.

Hi All,
It certainly seems to differ among us all. I was DX in Dec 2007, (Grade 3, no nodes) Chemo finished April 08, Radiotherapy June 08. I now will see my onc annually every Jan, (blood tests and a clinical exam) and my surgeon in June. My onc says I will see him annually for life, I dont know about the surgeon. I will also have a mammogram in Dec every year.

Like a lot of us I would rather more frequent check-ups but maybe that would cause more anxiety. However, my tumour also grew very quickly, a clear mammo in June 07 followed by a 2.6cm tumour 6 months later. My mammo in Dec 08 was fine, but now that I am 4 months past that I am getting very watchful again.

I asked my onc about having annual scans and CTs but he really advises against it as:
(a) secondaries are likely to show symptoms and are not 'cureable' anyway, so timing not so important as with a primary
(b) its a lot of radiation to put your body through for questionable benefit.

Its very interesting to hear what everyone else is being advised!

Best wishes



Re: Follow up after treatment.

Hi Anne,
I see onc every 3mnths for forseeable future, and breast surgeons annually, unless i have problem then i can see any of them at anytime.


Re: Follow up after treatment.

Hi Val

Thanks that is a help. I find it strange that I will no longer see onc after rads finished as seems most appropriate person to follow up and I feel comfortable with her. Will ask why when I see her Tues.

Pleased to hear your follow up seems very thorough.

Anne xx


Re: Follow up after treatment.

Hi we are all diferent,my tumour was 2cm but was grade2 and no nodes were affected.I had 3 monthly appts with onc for 2 years for which which I had blood tests and manual examination.After a year I was offered a CT/MRI scan which I turned down as there was no clinical reason for it and if you have secs they can treat but not cure[would have bone scan though if I had symptoms].After 2 years am now on 6 monthly onc appts.In addition I have annual mammos and appts with surgeon.I have been told that after 5 years my onc appts will be annually and this will continue indefinitely as will the mammos.I was dx in 2006 at the age of 62.hope this is helpful.
Love Valx


Follow up after treatment.

Hi all fellow triple negs.

Could anyone please advise me what follow up to expect after finishing chemo and rads? I have an appointment with the breast care team tomorrow and have been told I will be discharged by my onc after finishing rads which I start next month.

I had a clear mammogram 6 months before finding my lump which was 17mm with 3 infected lymph nodes and am concerned about what follow up I receive given the speed at which it grew. I have never had a scan - should I be asking for one?

I must admit I prefer seeing the onc than the breast care team (too many comfy sofas and tissue boxes) and am unclear about what roles the teams play. Any advise about what questions to ask or what to expect would be very welcome.

Thanks Anne xx