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Food tasting funny?


Re: Food tasting funny?

Thanks Tim, and yes Jill - my wee smells burnt sometimes too, suppose there's alsorts flying around our systems.


Not had any noticeable taste issues other than the plain Hula Hoops so far, could be the Tamoxifen as only started taking that about two weeks ago. 

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Re: Food tasting funny?

Marcella said her wee smelt burnt so you never know ,it must had effect on your whole body to some extent even though it's targeting at one area.I found Tamoxifen gave me a funny metallic taste in my mouth for first few weeks.

Re: Food tasting funny?

Hi Blondie223,


While you're waiting for a response I recommend contacting our helpline. Details can be found here:



They will be able to talk you through any questions you might have.




Food tasting funny?

Hi, 9/15 rads done, and just settled down with a coffee and a pack of plain/ready salted Hula Hoops, they tasted foul to me, like a musty burnt taste. OH said they taste fine to him so now he's chomping on them instead.


Anyone else having rads experienced similar? x



edit: Oh, and I'm also taking Tamoxifen, perhaps it could be that either?