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For Shaz590


Re: For Shaz590


My local pharmacy ordered SYLK for me as it was cheaper (£8.99) than buying it direct from the manufacturer. However, I have since received correspondence from the manufacturer to say that it is now available on prescription (great if you get free prescriptions) or it is currently on special offer from the manufacturer - £11.95 or £21.90 for 3 i.e. three for the price of two.

So you'll have to work out the best way of doing it, which will depend on whether you get free prescriptions and if not, how many your GP will be prepared to give you on one prescription!

Hope this helps.


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For Shaz590

Dear Sharon

I was interested in you saying that you can get SYLK on prescription - is it one bottle at a time? I use it every day, sometimes up to three times. I've been swimming recently and if I don't put it on afterwards I really suffer. I guess I use about two bottles per month. I like the idea of getting it on prescription.

Look forward to hearing from you.