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Found a lump


Re: Found a lump

Hi Ab1983 and JustSomeoneElse,


Ab, I am wondering what the outcome was, as you posted in June? How are you doing and what was your diagnosis?

Googling is, unfortunately, not always a good way to approach a possible diagnosis. We often read distressing stories and outcomes and do not look at the date they were posted.Many are from a long time ago. Diagnosis and treatment has come such a long way and are getting better all the time. There are now many trials and immuno therapy is also showing positive signs. The horror stories and pictures from many years ago are not true anymore today.

Unfortunately there are many companies and people out there preying on our fears and vulnerabilities - talking about alternative treatments, generally very expensive, with very little and questionable research backing up their claims. 

It may be worth remembering that every cancer diagnosis is different and the recommended treatment path is hence different, too. Some cancers are more treatable than others, some chemo treatments are more challenging for some. Chemo is not the same for different cancers. 

Losing someone close to you to a type of cancer is a very challenging situation, especially if you also may face a cancer diagnosis. It must be so very frightening. However, it does not mean that the path you may take will be the same as theirs. The path to a bc diagnosis involves many stages and the waiting for the relevant results can be harrowing and very stressful for many. Should a diagnosis be made, a team of varying specialisms will surround you and advise with regards to the best route to take for your specific diagnosis. There are not only different types of breast cancer, but also differing stages and grades. Therefore there are many different ways of treating it.

All treatment decisions are made with us and the final decision will always be ours.

I personally chose the 'traditional' path and also used/use some complimentary additional methods, as long as they were/are not contraindicative to the medical treatment I was/am receiving. I would not feel confident, that I did everything I could to beat breast cancer, if I only would have used 'alternative' therapies. I would dread the moment,  where I might be told the cancer is still there or has returned - should I only have used alternative therapies - and that it might turn out that it is now terminal. I would only have myself to blame and would regret having made the wrong choices at a time, when I could have done more to become healthy again and stay so.

Sue xx



Community Champion

Re: Found a lump

For all of you awaiting appointments for tests and/or results I  want to wish you all the very best. As others have already said in a lot of cases lumps and other symptoms turn out to be non cancerous so there is a chance all will be well. If you do find you have cancer of course it will be a huge shock and yes, a life changing experience but you will have options and you will find the strength to face yor frears and to deal with the treatments.


Ab1983 and JustSomeoneElse, of course the ultimate choice is yours and yours alone. Hopefully your results will be ok and you won't need to make a choice. Not all bc needs chemo. I  had a local wide excision (lumpectomy) but because the cancer was in some of my lymph nodes I  had those removed too and then went on to have chemotherapy and then radiotherapy. Ok it wasn't a picnic but it wasn't as bad as I'd feared.My sister got bc and she had a mastectomy but didn't need chemo or radiotherapy, likewise my youngest sister was diagnosed and had a double mastectomy but no chemo or radiotherapy (we all had  hormone treatment ie Tamoxifen). What I'm trying to say is don't google, don't make decisions before you know the results and have a talk with your teams should you get a diagnosis. Things are different for each and every one of us (even relatives) and we need the space to evaluate and make our choices.


Please all of you, let us know how your appointments went and how you are doing xxxx

Re: Found a lump

Hi ladies, I always struggle to know what to say when I read that people want to refuse treatment, I absolutely respect your right to do as you please but if you are diagnosed then the treatment you fear so much is going to be the thing that gives you the best chance of survival in the long term, I lost my mum to Breast cancer some years ago and more recently a very dear friend, both went through various treatments so I know it's not always a rosy outcome but this only made me more determined to do whatever was necessary when I was diagnosed as nothing scared me more than dying and in my mind this was a dead cert eventually without treatment, I truly hope you are both given the all clear and you never have to face your worst fears but I and many others here can tell you that none of it is how you will be imagining, it does end and you come out the other side! Xx Jo 

Re: Found a lump

Hi all,


'It's always the pits going through this stage, but mostly, it all turns out to be fine.


If it is more serious, there are effective conventional treatment options with most having a positive outcome, so please don't write anything off just yet.  Obviously, it's very hard if you have had personal experience of treatment not going well, but also many who've had chemo are well & getting on with their lives.


Very best wishes to all of you & chances are, all will be well.


ann x

Re: Found a lump

Hi ,how did everything go for you? Like you i have decided not to have treatment for cancer if it turns out that's what it is and I am scared of everyone's reaction of that I am selfish etc if I do get the worse news (my mum already knows and says she'll support me). I am hoping its not cancer but think ultimately this is my decision as I am so afraid of chemotherapy etc but I just hope I get a good outcome, my hospital appointment is on Monday. 

Re: Found a lump

Thanks for your support sian1974. I really appreciate it! I have decided not to have treatment for the cancer(if it is cancer) I have a family history of the illness and I have watched my sister die from it. She was very sick and tired mainly because of the chemotherapy she had. I don't want to go through that too. Also my uncle had lung cancer and unfortunately he is not alive today. I have decided to have the alternative medicine called vitamin b17. Fingers crossed it will be effective against the cancer.
Once again thanks for the support!

Re: Found a lump


I also have a lump in my breast. Went to have my mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy last Thursday and go for results next Monday. It's worrying but try to stay positive. I've googled every website possible since my tests and it really doesn't help believe me. Have read lots of threads on this forum and has made me feel a whole lot better tbh. From what I've read even if it is the dreaded c it's not the end of the world. It can be cured and people do get on with their lives. Thinking of you and wish you the best of luck x

Found a lump

Hi everyone
I recently found a lump in my breast like a week ago and it is possible that I have cancer. I have been to the doctors and was referred to the specialist by my GP. I'm feeling very nervous about the appointment which is next week. My nipple has turned inwards which is what made me suspect that this could be cancer. I'm feeling very depressed about it and I don't know what to do🙁