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Found the lump, started the journey


Re: Found the lump, started the journey

Hello Heidi, well it's all very scary now, and until you get your appointment and have the examination at the breast clinic, you are bound to be worried. So of course as the nurse already told you, it could well be nothing.


Getting an appointment in two weeks is normal and the NHS have guidelines as to how fast they must treat you (if you need treatment) so they will try and get you underway ASAP, it doesn't necessarily mean they are especially worried. 


As as to why it wasn't picked up on your February mammogram, it could be because the lump is under your arm and maybe they didn't get that bit with the mammogram, just the breasts...so it might have been out of the scope of the picture? I'm not any sort of expert but having seen my own mammogram pictures, it is mainly breasts that you see.


Amanda x



Re: Found the lump, started the journey

Hi HeidiHi


I am sure you will get lots of replies very soon.  In the meantime we have an amazing Support line where you can ask any questions and talk through worries and concerns.  0808 800 6000.


Best wishes
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Found the lump, started the journey

Hello everyone, have been reading through and feel I can talk about this here.

Found a lump in left armpit at the weekend gave it a couple of days to "make sure", am of course now imagining all sorts and must stop googling!  It has been twinging, is fairly sensitive - whether this is what made me prod and explore I don't know, or whether I am now imagining it is having found a lump I don't know either. 

Anyway today I did the sensible thing and phoned the surgery this morning. They told me to come down at 11.30. I saw the nurse. She asked the questions, did the examination and agreed yes it's a hard lump, right I am referring you. With all the usual caveats about not all lumps are etc etc. Said I should have an appointment in two weeks.  Yikes.  Is that normal, I do hope so.  

Had a  mammogram back in February which was clear (my health authority regularly invite women who fall outside of the "usual" age groups so took up the offer obviously) and feeling a bit miffed as to how and why can I then find a lump a few months later?! 

Well I just wanted to register as I feel this is going to be the start of a journey and am going to need some support.  So thank you in advance.