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Four years since secondary dx


Re: Four years since secondary dx

Lynn, thank you so much for posting.....it gives us all hope and inspiration to hear of people surviving this awful disease. Long may your good news hold fast. x

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Re: Four years since secondary dx

Hi Lynn

It was so lovely to read your post and is the kind of thing that inspiring news needs I hope other ladies read it. Congratulations for your 4 year anniversary.


Love and ((((hugs))))


Re: Four years since secondary dx

Hi Lynnq, 


Thank you very much for sharing your story and I am sure users will appreciate it and be along to show their support soon. Smiley Happy 


All the best,



Four years since secondary dx


it will be four years tomorrow since my secondary diagnosis - which was six weeks after primary dx.


had mets in skin, spine and peritoneal area.


was put on Letrozole and have been stable ever since.  My TMs fell from 418 to around 40 in six months and have stayed around that ever since......the one skin met was removed and never recurred.  The 'shadows' in the peritoneal area are no longer showing and bone mets have either reduced or stayed stable.


at the time I was devastated - but now try to live for the day.


onc said that 2-3 years was the 'usual' prognosis


I really hope that this will help/inspire/comfort some of you who are recently diagnosed.  I remember the anxiety and fear.