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From nothing to lots of cysts in 2 years? So worried about cancer...


Re: From nothing to lots of cysts in 2 years? So worried about cancer...

It's really hard to know what to say given your circumstances. Even if it is cancer (which statistically is less likely than it not being) 2 weeks will very rarely make a difference in outcome. If you are concerned can you call your doctor and ask her to confirm there is no issue with you delaying your appt?

I guess one query is whether you will be able to enjoy your holiday any more even if you make a private appt, as if you need a biopsy you are unlikely to have the results back.

From nothing to lots of cysts in 2 years? So worried about cancer...

So, I've had problems with the right breast for over 2 years. It seemed to change shape slightly, the nipple is in a slightly different place and without a bra it feels really heavy, and often achey and sore. The pain is non-specific, can change where on the breast it is, and not cyclical. I had a referral to the breast clinic 2 years ago where I was lucky to see the top consultant, u/s and mammo revealed nothing.  I was worried about IBC so this was a great relief at the time.

So anyway, the problem has rumbled on and off since. I went to see one of the better (imo) GP's today and its worried me. She examined both breasts (tender on exam) and said they were both pretty lumpy. In particular, one lump on my affected side she said to the student "come and feel this lump, can you feel it". I didn't know I had any lumps at all, I cant feel them! She also said the nipple on the affected side was a bit wonky, I have noticed that, I think its been like that for a good while actually.  Perhaps even for 2 years when these changes suddenly started.

So now I'm worried, naturally I guess. She said that she wasn't overly concerned (but do they all say that so you don't panic pre-clinic visit?). She thinks its cysts and the clinic could drain them which would reduce the pain. I said I was going on holiday next week for 10 days, she said she couldn't refer me immediately as the appointment would come through when I'm away, so I have to phone the medical secretary the very day I get back to get the referral actioned (which also worries me, why "the very day I get back"...).

Do you think they would have had me in prompt, ie this week, if she was worried? She seemed very certain that in her view she wasn't overly worried, she thought the lymph nodes felt fine. She's quite straight talking which is why I like going to see her.  I don't know whether to get a private referral in the next 2 days or whether to go on holiday and try not to worry. Its our first abroad holiday in 12 years so I'd like to be able to enjoy it without this lingering in the background, but at the moment its all I can think about.


What should I do?  I am 39 nearly 40 and have a long history of fibroadenoma's, but they've never hurt before.