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Further spread - hope requested!!


Re: Further spread - hope requested!!

Hi Carolyn, sorry to hear about your progression. I had the same news before Christmas and it does give you a knock! I have had lung and bone Mets for over 2 years and these remain stable but last scan showed that there are now spots on my liver. I have just had round two of taxotere and so far so good. Some side effects the first few days but things improve after that. The onc is confident that this will knock everything back and I can go back on hormonals so we will see. I felt very anxious for a few weeks but now that I am on treatment I feel much more positive. As Swanie says, there are lots of good treatments out there. Have you looked at the "celebrate" thread? It should help to give you some positive thoughts. Take care. I'm sure you will feel better when you start your treatment xx

Re: Further spread - hope requested!!

Hi Carolyn,

You are having a tough time.  I know it may be trivial next to what you are facing but what a shame you have to miss out on NYC - it would have helped with the chemo having that boost before.

I have had lung and bone mets for about 18months now.  The bone mets are in my spine and have been well controlled with denosumab and radiotherapy.  I am curently on Capecitabine for the lungs plus having had a pleural drain.  Waiting to see how things hold up.

I have a friend who has your combo and has had treatment for 7years.  she has bad patches with chemo then good times without and has had a good year gap on denosumab and hormonals.  It is amazing what they can do now and better treatments come up regularly.

I am sure others will post soon

In the meantime take care - have a cyberhug - Jacqui


Re: Further spread - hope requested!!

Hi Carolyn


I am sorry to read you're having such a tough time at the moment.  I'm sure some of the other users will be a long soon to offer you their support and experiences.


In the meantime I have included here the link to the secondary breast cancer page where you can find lots of information on the support services available. 




Also if you do need to talk anything through do give the helpline a call on 0808 800 6000.  Lines are open Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm and Saturday 10 to 2pm.


Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator   


Further spread - hope requested!!

Hi All

I had a bone scan and CT scan and found out the results this afternoon.  It's always strange when I have a 'sixth sense' about bad news whilst waiting for results because it's usually right and unfortunately today it was right again.  I have had lung mets since 2010 which have reacted extremely well to treatment and due to very little progression in September last year I was put on Capecitebine but that only lasted two weeks as I was admitted to the hospital with an infection, bloody diarrhea and low bloods which resulted in lots of antibiotics and two blood transfusions.  Survived the hospital food and was discharged after 12 days and the follow-up scans were the ones I was waiting the results for today.


So today I was told that there is no change in the chest, stable hooray!  but that there are now mets in the liver not hooray! oh yes and there is something at T6 on the spine which they will keep an eye on!!  So the plan is for me to start Chemo next Tuesday which I am gutted about because I was hoping that if the results showed progression that I could hold off having treatment until I came back from my quick weekend to New York City but alas my oncologist would like me to start chemo on Tuesday and it would be too risky to travel all that way to NYC, bummer.


So it has been a double whammy - losing trip to NYC and having to start chemo (Vinorelbine). So far I've had the emotional protection walls up and been ok but they are starting to thaw and things I don't want to think too much about are leaking through.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send me good news stories about having mets in the lungs, liver and bones and the longest times people have been living with these mets.  I'm looking for a lot of hope to grasp onto.

Thank you