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Gene test


Re: Gene test

Thanks for the reply Ash66.


I've spoken to a genetics counsellor and he offered me the test the same day. I said I'd think about it. 


He is going to check if I can get MRI screenings without having the test done. My mammo failed to spot the cancer (due to dense breasts) so that's why I want MRI screenings. The oncologist said you only get MRI screening if you are classed as high risk. The genetics counsellor said he thought I should be classed as high risk (without having the test) due to family history. He is writing to oncology dept.


I asked if the test came back negative would that mean I wouldn't be offered MRI screenings but he was unsure. This is why I didn't do the test immediately. I want MRI screenings.


Thanks for your help


Sparkle x


Re: Gene test

Hi Sparkle

I've had the test. I wasn't too worried waiting for the results as I'd already decided on bilateral mastectomy for various reasons and I would have had my ovaries removed if I had a positive result. This wouldn't have bothered me either as I've no intention of having any more children.

I only had the test because I have a teenage daughter and this would have affected her. My test was negative fortunately.

Are you definitely being tested or is it just a referral to a counsellor. A referral doesn't necessarily mean you'll be tested which I didn't realise until I arrived at my appointment.

If you want to know any more, feel free to ask. x

Re: Gene test

Hi Sparkle


I don't know if you've seen BCC's publication Breast Cancer in Families, but if not here's the link below.  I hope you find it helpful.




Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Gene test



I've been offered a gene test because of my family history.  Anyone had this done? How did you feel waiting for the results and once the results were received? 


Thank you