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Gene testing when no living relative


Re: Gene testing when no living relative

Hi, I have just had genetic testing done and I'm awaiting the results. My mum died of ovarian cancer and I have had breast cancer, I think it was my diagnosis which made me eligible for the test, they wouldn't have tested me Based solely on my mum.
I can understand your concern and if you want it done push for it, though my understanding is that everyone tested has to meet a criteria.
I don't understand why my mum wasn't tested when she was diagnosed with cancer as her result would maybe have saved me and my family the anxiety we are currently having to deal with.
I wish you well, let us know how you get on xx

Re: Gene testing when no living relative

Ahh that's great news, I'd much rather be preventative about my future than sit waiting and having annual screening. I'll have a look at asking the breast team on Thursday or even if its something I have to do privately would consider doing so. 


Thank you! 



Re: Gene testing when no living relative

Hi PurpleJ


I had a BRCA gene test which shows if you have a faulty gene and you don't need a living relative to compare it to.  I think there may be another gene or two that you can also be scanned for - something like P53 but I'm not sure.


Good luck

Gene testing when no living relative

I had a genetics appointment about 10 years ago now which was agreed that they'd continue my screening which they have. 

I've since moved from Hertfordshire to Wales and with time progressing I wondered if gene testing can be done on yourself, without a living relative? At the time I saw the genetics team, they said they couldn't help as my mum had already passed away 4 years earlier so no sample from her was possible. 


Anyone any idea if I can push for gene test of any kind? It's only my mum was a linked relative as I don't have a lot of family history elsewhere.