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Genetic testing referral


Re: Genetic testing referral



You don't say if you've already had breast surgery or what treatments you are undergoing. What aspects of your future surgery/treatment options have you told will be affected and over what timescale?  Have you already had a mastectomy on the affected side?


I ask because the results of a genetics referral will be perhaps unlikely to affect/change the treatment you're receiving right now or in the immediate few weeks.  Results are more likely to affect options at some time in the future e.g. option for prophylactic mastectomy and/or oophorectomy, frequency and type of screening post active treatment.


Personally I opted to wait several months before going for a genetics appointment as I concentrated on getting through my mastectomy, chemo and rads first.  Don't know in what geographical area you're being treated but my (NHS) geneticist is fabulous (southern England) and I would happily recommend her if you'd like to PM me for details.      


Re: Genetic testing referral

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I think I shall have to chase them up from all angles on Monday. The last thing I want is to delay the next step in my treatment.

Thanks again. X

Re: Genetic testing referral

Hi, brac 1/2 testing if positive will definitely affect your future treatment plan and 2 months does seem too long. I would chase the referral up either through your gp or the genetic service themselves. The results following your blood test can take upto 2 to 3 weeks but I did have to chase those up as well in time for my appointment with the Oncologist. Good luck GLB38

Genetic testing referral


I am interested to know how others have got on with requesting genetic testing for brac1/2.

I'm halfway through treatment for Her2+, with a history of BC (and others) in my family, and have been told that the results of the test could influence my surgery/future treatments. Despite this, it has been 2 months since my referral was made and I have still heard nothing! Is this normal? Have others had to wait this long?

I've been hassling my bcn who has chased them for me, but I'd be keen to know
- how long you had to wait
- how long it took to get the results
- if any if you have had to complain/chase the service.

Thanks x