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Going in for Auxhillary Lymph Node Removal tomorrow then chemo!!


Re: Going in for Auxhillary Lymph Node Removal tomorrow then chemo!!

That's great advice!  Thanks for sharing.  I will be getting the rest of my lymph nodes out after chemo.  I had one out of three of the sentinel lymph nodes test positive.  I hope you are recovering well!


Re: Going in for Auxhillary Lymph Node Removal tomorrow then chemo!!

I hope many people starting out their chemo read your post, such good advice.  Hope all goes well with your surgery Helene and you make a quick recovery. Jane


Re: Going in for Auxhillary Lymph Node Removal tomorrow then chemo!!

Hi sheffifh


Thank you for this information.  I've also attached a link to one of our long standing threads on Top tips:




I hope all goes well for you tomorrow.


Very best wishes



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Going in for Auxhillary Lymph Node Removal tomorrow then chemo!!

HI everyone.  I am going into hospital tomorrow for lymph node removal (them all) pretty scared about this.  Already had my mastectomy and reconstruction done (using two donor sites in my body) had BC in 2011 and then 2014!  I have got cancer in the sentinel node so starting chemo after recovered and maybe radio therapy. 


I went for the chop yesterday.  long mid back to chin length and choppy so I could be a bit more in control.  Dreading the next stage.


I got some really useful tips from a friend that I thought I would share:


Here are my top tips for chemo:
1. Take your anti sickness tablets for the first three days after each chemo even if you don't feel sick, this should stop the nausea starting.
2. Drink lots and lots of water all the way through your chemo - I can't stress that enough, it really does help you.
3. Use a baby toothbrush for your teeth as your gums can get quite sensitive and sore. Brush your teeth after every meal - it's important to keep your mouth really clean to avoid infection.
4. If your mouth gets dry, use Biotene toothpaste.
5. If you get thrush in your mouth ask your BC nurse for Nistatin drops.
6. Use a good nail moisturiser on both your hands and feet as chemo can damage your nails and keep your skin well moisturised.
7. Avoid drinking too much caffeine.
8. Try and eat lots of vegetables, especially green leafy ones to keep your blood levels up and eat some red meat for iron. Even if you feel nauseous try and eat even small amounts as it is really important to keep your blood levels up to ensure treatment isn't delayed. Also wash fruit and vegetables before cooking/eating and ensure food is as fresh as possible.
9. The veins in your arm/arms might get sore - a hot water bottle or heat pad helps alleviate pain and gentle massage with aqueous cream.
10. Carry tissues with you as your nose will get runny when you lose your nose hair.
11. Chemo can make you feel the cold more so wear layers.
12. If you get diahorrea and your bum gets sore sudocream helps.
13. If your eyes get itchy you can get Instant Tears from the chemist.
14. It is extremely important to rest, rest, rest - do not try and be superwoman and overdo things as this will impinge on your recovery.
15. Avoid infection at all costs, especially during day 7-14 after each treatment.
16. Buy a digital thermometer and take your temperature a couple of times each day - if over 37.5 or under 36 phone the helpline.
17. Do not let yourself get constipated - if you haven't been to the toilet for over 24 hours take some Lactulose.
18. Stay positive all the way through 🙂
Good luck everyone