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Grade 3 clear nodes chemo?


Re: Grade 3 clear nodes chemo?

The nurse told me categorically it doesn't grow that quickly. I think it's prob because of the different scans have shown up different sizes

Re: Grade 3 clear nodes chemo?

Hi Kimucoughdrop,


My diagnosis is almost the same as your.  I had a 6mm grade 3 on biopsy and 15mm grade 2 with evidence of the grade 3 within it at mastectomy.  My lymph nodes are clear, I'm ER+8 and HER2- Chemo was up in the air for a while as I was borderline.  Onctotype dx testing gave me a score of 28 (top of middle range) and a recurrance score that increased 10% in 5 years without chemo.  For sometime (feb to May) the medics talked about chemo not being a foregone conclusion but this is where I've ended up.  I ok with the decision, it's the right one for me.  I won't need rads afterwards but will go on to Anaztrozole.


Hope that helps,

B x

Re: Grade 3 clear nodes chemo?

Sumacca, were you HERpositive or negative?


My meeting with the oncologist is 15th June. I'm really hoping to be able to have the Oncotype DX test, my surgeon said I "should" be eligible as I'm "Indeterminate". I'm Grade 3 but also HER2 positive so he may suggest "straight to chemo". If I only had a 2% increase by having chemo I definitely wouldn't have it.


I really, really hope I can get the Oncotype DX test as I want proper percentages based on MY tissue biopsy rather than, "Oh guidelines say that as you're Grade 3 and HER positive" chemo is recommended.


I need reliable statisitcs based on my individual case to be able to make an informed decision.


I will be having rads and (groan) Herceptin injections. I was told that due to my specific circumstances I may be able to have Herceptin without chemo.


Best Wishes



Re: Grade 3 clear nodes chemo?

Hi Kimucoughdrop,

I was diagnosed in January with a lobular invasive, initially thought to be 20mm, was 30mm after MRI - and biopsy was grade 2.

As I was small breasted (38B) decided for skinsaving mastectomy with immediate reconstruction and the surgeon agreed. He did make me aware that, should pathology results change the diagnosis and chemo and/or radiation could affect the new implant. But we were all reasonably comfortable. Through all of the tests, the nodes appeared to be clear.

The pathology results showed the cancer to be 110mm large and areas of it Grade 3. Thankfully the 3 removed nodes were clear. And I am so happy I made the decision for the skin saving mastectomy - it ensured I had clear margins! Unfortunately, du to the nature of an invasive - it can have single cell 'tentacles', which cannt be picked up by MRI. The 'solid piece' was 20mm.

In my heart I knew that due to the final diagnosis the likelyhood of chemo was very high.  

My cancer was ER+8 and HER2-

And I say WAS - it is no longer there. I am cancer free!

When discussing my options with my oncologist (and also having had a CT scan - all clear) I was given a number of treatment options and the relevant percentages.

Letrozole only after op and chemo and rads, followed by Letrozole for 10 years.

The chemo would be an adjuvant treatment ensuring, that although nodes clear, no rouge cell would remain in my body and the radiation treatment to the site where the cancer was, would 'cauterise' the cancer site.

No further treatment apart from Letrozole gives me 80% over 10 years, chemo and rads give me another 8% - so for 88% - bring it on!

Now post 1st chemo and doing great!



Re: Grade 3 clear nodes chemo?

Thank you so much for replying. I am so similar to your situation Charys 14mm no nodes clear margins stage 3.i have problems with my airway from previous thyroid cancer treatment so this has been worrying me with his this would be with chemo. I have read you can get a sore throat. I have been wondering about the oncotype dx test. Although I am really not wanting chemo if it came back as a high risk I would have to. But by not having it am I burying my head. Also as I am due to discuss this with the oncologist this week I don't know if there any other factors in the pathology report that would top the balance to chemo. 

Re: Grade 3 clear nodes chemo?

Hi. I'm 65 and my lump was found in routine screening. Had lumpectomy on 10 May. All OK. Saw surgeon this week and was told all had been renoved with clear margins. No evidence in lymph nodes. Grade 3. Had appointment with chemo specialist on Friday ( I think I was more worried about having chemo than I was at receiving the initial diagnosis!) but told that my current chances of surviving 10 years was 75%, with anti-cancer drugs (not sure which until I've seen GP this week) that figure was increased to 80% and with chemo that figure only incrased to 82%. Taking into account all the horrid side effects, not worth it in my mind. 

Community Champion

Re: Grade 3 clear nodes chemo?

Hiyer Kim, 


There are a large number of factors that get taken into account, mine was grade 3, stage 1,15mm ER and PR positive and HER2 negative......but even though I was grade 3 I was in the 'borderline' position for chemo and it was left to be my decision. I have not had chemo, and was supported by BCN and oncologist, but they said they would support me either way. I am having radiotherapy and tamoxifen as next treatments. I also had clear sentinel nodes and clear margins. I guess what I'm saying is that sometimes being grade 3 doesn't definitely place you in 'chemo recommended' as there are lots of other factors they take into account....and you might be in a borderline position as I was myself, where you have to weigh up individual choices and risks and benefits. 

CHarys x

Re: Grade 3 clear nodes chemo?

Hi Kim, have you been told that it has grown? My tumour went from 9mm at ultrasound, to 13mm at mri to 20mm at surgery. It hadn't actually grown that much in 2 weeks, it was just because ultrasound and mri are not always 100% accurate in determining size due to how they interpret the image (if that makes sense?).  I'm not sure if the grade determines treatment options, mine was grade 2, no lymph node involvement, er/pr+, her2-. My treatment was determined by Oncotype recurrence score which came back as 28 (intermediate). I thought that I would therefore be having chemo (even had my hair cut from long to shoulder length!), only to be told that any benefit was outweighed by the risks, so I am having radiotherapy plus taking Tamoxifen, no chemo. Good luck to you. Michelle xx

Re: Grade 3 clear nodes chemo?

Hi, my wife's almost the same diag, 15mm grade 3 , booked in for op lumpectomy on 7th followed either by radio or chemo. I don't think ey grow that quick, I thought it took a bit longer. Doctor said chemo was a possibity but not for definite 

Re: Grade 3 clear nodes chemo?

I'm not in exactly the same situation as you as mine has spread to my lymph nodes. I'm grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. 2.2cm.
I'm having 5 months chemo. A complete node clearance and then radiotherapy.
I'm not sure if grade 3 means cancer every time as all factors involved count. Are you having the Oncotype dx test?
Good luck with your results xx

Grade 3 clear nodes chemo?

I am due to see the breast surgeon tomorrow to discuss results and treatment . Just wondered if there was anyone with the same diagnosis as me grade 3 invasive ductal 14mm no lymph node involvement and if so what treatment are you having . I thought grade 3 meant chemo but not so sure now. Also I felt my lump was growing quickly, it grew from 11mm to 14mm in two weeks, and I am thinking it was a very fast growing beast and if there are any bits whizzing around my body.