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Granuloma Histoplasmosis of the lung? Anyone heard of this?


Re: Granuloma Histoplasmosis of the lung? Anyone heard of this?

Hi Sarahlousie, I have just seen your post re. Granulomas. I have had lung Mets for 2 and a half years and these have remained relatively stable. I had evorilmus and exemestane treatment for about fifteen months but when I had progression to the liver last Dec. I went onto taxotere. I had a scan halfway through the treatment and the liver Mets were reduced, the lung Mets were stable or slightly less but the onc said that I had some inflammation on my lungs and some granulomas. He said he wasn't sure of the cause but that they were benign. So they did show up on the scan as different to the Mets. I googled granulomas and evorilmus as I had heard that the drug can cause lung problems and apparently a small number of people can developed them when taking the drug. I don't know if that is the cause of mine but it's a thought.

I have my last treatment with tax tomorrow and will be rescanned in three weeks so will question the issue then.

Take care Sarah and I hope you remain stable and well for many years. Love Sheila. Xx


 P.S. I know they aren't histoplasmosis granulomas but thought they may look similar. Xx

Granuloma Histoplasmosis of the lung? Anyone heard of this?

Just been on the american BC site and found this information on something called Granuloma Histoplasmosis, it was on a lung mets thread and too be honest I couldn't believe what I was reading.

"I have a single lung nodule, but have had it for over 20 years and it has not changed. It is a healed granuloma from histoplasmosis according to radiologist. The histoplasmosis is caused from black birds which we have an abundance of here in the United States".

I have googled the words and come up with quite a good explanation here's a couple of links that explain it http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/granuloma/AN00830 and http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/histoplasmosis/DS00517

The reason I'm posting is because I was dx with multiple lung mets in March last year (see my profile for detailed description) I have had ct scans the first one showed stuff on my lungs the second one showed that the mets were stable and the third scan showed they were tiny and stable, because of the size of them they cant biopsy them BUT what if its this Granuloma Histoplasmosis and not BC lung mets! Just wondering has anyone else ever heard of this?????

Any thoughts would be most appreciated.
Many thanks
sarahlousie xx