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Had BC before now inflammatory BC?


Re: Had BC before now inflammatory BC?

Hi jbug. It is possible to have another sort of cancer, but it is much more likely to be an infection. Is it still red and hot? If so, best to and get it checked out, so you can get appropriate treatment.

Hoping it's nothing too serious.

Re: Had BC before now inflammatory BC?

Hi jbug,

What a nightmare! Oddly enough, I was taken into hospital on Weds with severe chest pain. This was on the day of my first anniversary of left mastectomy! But they were only interested in ruling out heart attack.

However, I've recently had pain and swelling below mastectomy scar. Went in 12 days ago and surgeon took 3 core biopsies. I think this was precautionary. I get the results at 2:30 this pm. I would suggest you get referred or contact your breast clinic to be on the safe side. One question though... Have you bumped the area or anything? It sounds like cellulitis. I had this years ago in my elbow. Very red and hot, but easily treated with antibiotics. See your doc. Let us know how you go. Love Mel. xx

Re: Had BC before now inflammatory BC?

Hi jbug
I am sorry to read that you have this worry, please feel free to call our helpliners for further support this morning, lines are open 9-5 on 0808 800 60000

Take care
Lucy BCC

Had BC before now inflammatory BC?

Was diagnosed almost 5 years ago aged 29 with IDC and loads of DCIS in left breast. Opted for a double mx and sentinel node biopsy. Had rads and chemo x6. Had breasts reconstructed with expanders at first then implants under chest wall muscle.

Has all been fine until last couple of days. Was in A&E this evening as have been having chest tightness, heart palpitations, breathless etc and also have a really burning hot left hip and leg. Just come back from New York so docs did blood tests. Came back with high chance of blood clots (have been given thinners and booked for a scan in the morning) and my bloods also showed high levels of inflammation and abnormal liver functions.

But the thing that has really upset me is whilst having ECG the doctor asked how long my breast has been so red and hot. A couple of days I answered. It's right around the mx scar and roughly where my original cancer was.

Didn't even cross my mind to mention it! How stupid of me. So it's a red shiny rash, just red no dots etc. spreading to the size of an orange. Hot to the touch. Dare I even start thinking of inflammatory breast cancer?!!

My question is, with the fact I have had ductal before and then had full mx, can you then go on to have a different type of breast cancer? My cancer was a sneaky mo-fo, results were lymphovascular invasion. Grade 2 and 1 sentinel showed a micro amount.

Going to be a long night!!