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Had Surgery

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Re: Had Surgery


I am sorry you are having such a frightening time but it will get better. I had a 7cms tumour and 24 out of 27 nodes were cancerous. Nearly two years on I am fine.

Eight months of chemo and three of rads is unusual. You may find that once you have sat down with your oncologist the chemo and rad time might be a lot shorter

You will get lots of support from this group and they have lots of advice to help with chemo. Remember you might be lucky and have very few side effects

Make sure people around you spoil you over the next few months!



Re: Had Surgery

Hi EJW74 and welcome to the BCC forums

As Revcat has suggested you may find it helpful to call our helpline where you can talk things over with one of our team, the lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000.

I am posting a couple of links to BCC web pages you may find useful, one is to the 'treatments' section and the other to the 'newly diagnosed' and you will find publications and further support ideas:



Take care

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Re: Had Surgery

Bumping post and agreeing with revcat about editing so that your question is in the title ...you should then get some responses from ladies who've had the same issues..i'm not one of them - I only had one node involved.
Best wishes

Mary M


Re: Had Surgery

Hello EJW,
A big, gentle hug for you - what a time you have had already. Small wonder you are terrified and in tears.

It is frightening to be told there is node involvement at all, let alone that is more than they first thought. My experience was very different from yours, but I still remember being shaken when the number increased at pathology. The good thing is that nodes have been doing what they are meant to do - trapping any dodgy cells that have escaped from the tumour. There are quite a lot of ladies on here who have had signficant numbers of nodes affected, and many of them are doing really, really well. I am sure someone will be along soon who can better rleate to your experience than I can.

Chemo is not anyone's idea of fun but it is very do-able and the time passes surprisingly quickly. It will sound ridiculous now, but once you get going you will get more control back and feel less lost.

There is a thread about node involvement here which might be helpful for you... http://share.breastcancercare.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=36285&hilit=+good+news+about+nodes&p...

In the meantime, have you thought of calling the helpline? They are are very helpful and knowledgeable about all these things.

Lastly, you might want to edit you title to attract more comments - if you add something like 'many nodes affected' that could help.

Take care, take a big deep breath and then take one step forward - you can, and will, get through this.

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Had Surgery

Hi All,

Well had my surgery last week and had tumour and surrounding tissue taken and effected nodes, ended up being rushed back into surgery, as I had internal bleeding so not nice. Very bruised and sore now.

Went back for results last night and they confirmed surgery went well tumour was double the size they thought but the good news was surrounding tissue taken was negative, then cam the BUT they thought 1 node was effected at the start but in end ended taking out 12 nodes and all have come back positive with cancer, I am gutted... Now waiting to see specialist to get Chemo strated will be for 8 months then radio for 3 months and hormone tabs.

Has anyone else had this amount of nodes effected?

I am so scared and not sure how to feel anymore 😞 never shed so many tears.