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Has my tnbc gone??


Re: Has my tnbc gone??

Thank you ladies appreciate the advice.

Sending you best wishes and good luck for your futures xxx

Re: Has my tnbc gone??

Hi Kim

I was diagnosed in Dec 2015 with a 6mm TNBC and had a lumptectomy to remove it.  My surgeon got clear margins and no lymph nodes were involved at all. So I only had 20 radiotherapy sessions at The Christie in Manchester.  No chemo. They said I could do chemo if I wanted to but as the tumour was small I was borderline.  There is a set of NCCN Guidelines used in the USA and you could look these up to see what the protocol is over there for your situation.  I also tried hard to listen to my body and its instincts.  We are all different and I just didnt thing chemo was the right thing for me. Only time will tell and I will post on here.  But take all the advice going and do your own research.  Sending best wishes and a hug. 

Re: Has my tnbc gone??

Hi, obviously I only know what I've been told, I've no medical knowledge. I had triple negative BC resulting in a lumpectomy in which the whole tumour was removed with clear margins, also nodes were removed and tested negative. Howevever, I am now having chemo and rads; the reason is as being as it's triple negative cancer it is not responsive to any other hormone drugs used to treat the other types of Bc therefore just in case any rogue cells have escaped to anywhere else in the body, chemo is the only way to kill these cells. Chemo also helps to prevent a recurrence. Radiation is used in a localised area where the tumour was, for the same reasons. I am sure your oncologist will give you a better and more thorough explanation. Good luck.

Has my tnbc gone??

Hi everyone

I was diagnosed in March with tnbc grade 3. Had a lumpectomy and snb 2 weeks ago and got the results yesterday. Thankfully the nodes are clear and the lump was 20mm which he says is stage 2?

He also told me I have to have Chemo and rads next which has left me confused. If my nodes are clear and he says he got it all why do I need chemo etc??? Surely that means I'm free from breast cancer doesn't it?

I have never had any body scans or mri or anything like that and have to say I'm nervous as I'm unsure if it's gone or not..

Thanks in advance for any help xxxx