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Have I got breast cancer ?


Re: Have I got breast cancer ?

Hi Jackjack


I'm sorry you have not yet received a response. If you still have questions I recommend contacting our helpline. Details can be found here:



They will be able to talk you through any questions you might have.




Have I got breast cancer ?

Hi I have thickness in my left breast and my lymph nodes are swollen under my arm.  I also suffer my arm and neck pain but think that is something completely different.  I had a mammo last year which was fine. I am 55 with large breasts which are also lumpy so it is quite difficult to distinguish lumps but this is a large area that is quite thick and feels like rubbery inside and ropey.  I went to my GP last week and she told me to come back in two weeks because she saw a tiny yellow bruise at the top of my breast (don't know how that got there) and she thought the breast might be bruised on the inside.  I have history of breast cancer in the family my sister died when she was 45 and a paternal aunt when she was 49.  I thought with my family history she would have referred me to the breast clinic straight away.  She said if in two weeks it is still the same she will refer me to the breast clinic.  Anyone else had anything similar and was it ok or something sinister.  I would regard myself as post menopause. 

Thanks for reading this.