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Have to come off tamoxifen - zoladex or nothing?


Re: Have to come off tamoxifen - zoladex or nothing?

Hi there


I had no node involvement but larger tumours at 42. I was put on 5 years tamoxifen and 2 years of Zoladex. I've just finished the 2 years of Zoladex and I have to say that the SE were quite difficult at times but the peace of mind was really worth it. Some people have less SE's than others so maybe its worth at least trying it especially if its a monthly injection and not the 3 month one. 




Have to come off tamoxifen - zoladex or nothing?

After 6 months on tamoxifen a CT scan has shown several pulmonary emboli (blood clots in lungs) which docs think is because of tamoxifen. Onc has told me my options are either no hormone treatment or zoladex. I had 2 tiny tumours and DCIS and was node negative BUT had isolated tumour cells which is what makes the decision less straight forward. I'm weighing up the increased risk of recurrence against the quality of life implications of zoladex. I'm 43 and have 3 children under 12. Any thoughts or experiences that would help me with this decision ladies?