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Having a 2nd ultrasound


Re: Having a 2nd ultrasound

Hi Sinfullyd


I'm sorry you haven't had a reply to your post yet.  Waiting for appointments and results is a really difficult time.


It might be helpful to call our Helpline to talk things over.  They will be open again on Monday (9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays).  The number is 0808 800 6000


Very best wishes



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Having a 2nd ultrasound

Hi Everyone, I havnt been on this site for about a year, not since i found a lump and went for ultrasound. Everything came back fine (no lump seen on ultrasound so diagnosed with a cyst). Anyway, over the last year i hadnt really paid much attention to the lump, i did my regular breast exams and always noticed it but nothing new, until about a month ago. I noticed my breast was becomming extremely painful at times, Heavy, aching, painful, and the lump seemed to be a bit bigger. Went back to GP yesterday who gave me the once over and agreed that i needed to have another ultrasound, he also said he had found another lump in the other breast so that needs looking at too. Im too young for a mammogram so it will just be an ultrasound. 


So thats where i am right now. Waiting again. I dont have my appt through yet so not sure how long the wait will be unfortunately. 


I have a question for you all though. This pain in my breast is at times excrutiating. Its not specifically where the lump is, sometimes it is but other times its the whole breast or sometimes just around the centre of the breast. Does anyone else have this problem? I just want to hold it when it hurts (not always possible in public lol).