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Headaches - freaking out!


Re: Headaches - freaking out!

thank you for your replies beautiful ladies.
you have made me feel much better already.
you are so strong and brave.
love and hugs to you all xxxxxx

Re: Headaches - freaking out!

Hi Babychops1982,

I understand your concerns and worries as in January this year whilst attending one of my rads sessions I developed a really bad headache with nausea and was actually physically sick about 8 times because it happened at the hospital my onc decided to do a quick emergency CT scan of my brain which turned out to be clear, I already have spread on my lungs so think this is why they jumped on it quickly. I realized afterwards that it was probably my hormonal migraine something I used to have with my periods every month, obviously with chemo etc my periods have plunged me into early menopause and the only benefit from that was not having the blasted headache every month, it would appear the migraine has returned but not my periods. Incidentally I also stumble and fall when having a migraine attack. The only thing that helps me is too take some strong pain killers or migraine relief and lie very still in a dark room and try and go to sleep. Sorry I can't be of much more help too you. I really feel for you.

I would go and see your GP again, phone your BCN and tell her, if you don't get anywhere with them then when you see your onc in a few days time you can always express your concerns to him.

sending you love and light
sarahlousie xx

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Re: Headaches - freaking out!

Hi there,

I had a similar experience to you shortly after my first diagnosis. I had had a mild headache of about a week which turned into a really painful one, with feeling sick and slighly rocky too. I frantically went to my GP, who thouroughly examined me and looked into my eyes etc. She asked me one simple question...........had I been to an optition recently.

It turned out that as I have such a high prescription, I must have squished my glasses in some way and they weren't sitting properly, hence the headaches and the dizzy feeling.........

One simple visit and it was sorted 🐵

I was so upset by it as I had convinced myself that it was a tumour.

I personally would go back to the doctor to actually see them and ask them to do a few simple tests. They have a tourch thingy to look into the eye with to see if there is anything strange and then take it from there.

Good luck, let us know how you get on

Clare xxx

Re: Headaches - freaking out!

Awww babychops,

Deep breath now, can tellyou are under alot of stress. When i was first diagnosed every single pain i had was cancer spreading, i had it in every organ and bone....or so i thought...my ct scan showed otherwise.

The mind is a powerful tool when under stress and it can be your best friend or worst enemy. Its highly unlikely to be anything sinister but i know your mind is trying to convince you otherwise. Give the helpline at BCC a call, honestly, they can put your mind at rest and help you put your thoughts together.

Headaches - freaking out!

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I am still awaiting results as they found a second lump in my right breast and I have been told if the second lump is also cancer then I will need to get a masectomey.
I am looking for some advice. I phoned my local doctors surgery today and explained that I have had a pain in the right hand side of my head for days and last night I fell over. My doctor at the surgery gave me a slip to the hospital today as I was going to get another biopsy anyway. When I got to the hospital the lady at reception said I could wait up to 3 weeks for a brain scan and that my doctor should not have sent me to the hospital!
I still have the pain and I have had it the whole and day I cant help but think what if the cancer has spread.
What should I do?
Do I just wait another 5 days to speak to my consultant at the hospital or do I phone the doctor again tomorrow?
Thanks for reading.