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Hello Hope 4444


Re: Hello Hope 4444

Dear Dotty2,

How lovely to hear from you and how kind of you to think of me!

Yes, I had a bone scan about six weeks ago due to a painful hip which had been worrying me for some time. Thankfully the scan was clear and funnily enough, the hip pain disappeared soon after I got my results. It makes you wonder how much our minds play tricks on us in our situation...

I'm so glad to hear that you are doing well. I hope you're enjoying being back at work and I'm crossing my fingers tightly and hoping you continue to be well.

Kate xxx

P.S. I tend to worry when I see that people who usually post a lot stop doing so (Choccie Muffin and Lemongrove to name a couple) and hope that they're just busy getting on with their lives. It would be great to have some sort of 'just checking in' system!

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Hello Hope 4444

Hi Hope,

Just wondering how you are. Seem to remember you were having a scan whwn you last wrote. Really hope all was clear.

I'm doing well, back at work since January.and just hoping that I carry on the road to wellness.

Dotty 2 xx