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Hello - another 31st August starter


k for the SeptemberRe: Hello - another 31st August starter

Here is the link for the September starters:



It is very easy to link - just copy the info in the bar at the top of your page and paste it where you want it.

Re: Hello - another 31st August starter

Hi Sarmori,


Nice to virtually meet you.


I live mid way between Glasgow and Edinburgh. And I have two children too. Although mine are much older at 25 and 22. In fact the oldest has just qualified as a nurse and took up her first post this week. But I'm not expecting sympathy from her- she claims I am a nightmare patient. The cheek, eh! 


I'm starting on the same day as you although I am doing a different treatment plan-4x TC. it's at three week intervals so we should be together all the way through this- all going well.


i've actually joined the September chemo thread and there are a few others already on there. And we've had some really useful links posted there by Sue H-S who is a good bit further into this. Why not come on there and join us? I would send you a link but I'm not that IT savvy. In fact I'd never used a forum before joining this. But I get the feeling I will be an expert by the time we get through this.


anyone out there that can send a link to Sarmori? And instructions how to do it for people like me....?



Hello - another 31st August starter

Hi - I am also starting chemo on 31st August so this seemed the best board to join. I'm having 4 x FEC (3 week intervals) then 4 x T (2 week intervals). I had a portacath fitted yesterday, still feeling a bit bruised and sore today. I have decided not to cold cap - I don't think I'd be able to stand it to be honest! I live in the Midlands and have two children (13 and 10). Good to meet you all virtually, although obviously sorry that any of us have to go through it xxx