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Hello, ive not used this sight for a few years...


Re: Hello, ive not used this site for a few years...

I completely understand your not wanting to worry your loved ones.  Can you maybe speak to a close friend about your worries/concerns?  Recently I had a friend literally march me to my smear test appointment as I was too scared to go and she wasn't at all worried that anything was wrong, she just couldn't bear to see me stressing about it and not having the guts to do anything about it.  And it was all fine.  Just taking the weight off your shoulders helps.  I'm sure all will be fine.  Thinking of you.

Re: Hello, ive not used this site for a few years...

Hi ruby,


The rational part of me is saying I'm paranoid and I've just hurt a nerve; it's just so strange to have thus sensation, especially googling it and seeing that a tumor can cause the symptoms I'm having. 



I know paranoia doesn't help, and I dare say that if I had a scan and results came back clear that the symptoms would disappear. It's very stressful especially when loved ones have moved on too, I don't want to talk about my fears to them as don't want to make them worry. Hate it.


I hope you are ok, thanks for your post xx

Re: Hello, ive not used this sight for a few years...

Hi Emily,

I think I remember you from years back as I was diagnosed and went through treatment in 2007 and your name rang a bell.  I'm so sorry you're back here worrying - that's just the worst kind of feeling.  I'm no expert but would something that was so sinister come on so quickly like that? I know you can't answer that question but I would have thought it would come on gradually.  Could it be that you caught a nerve or something like that maybe?  I really hope all is okay but I can completely understand your anxiety around this and the other suffering you've had to go through.  Hoping all is okay with you.

Big hugs

Ruby xx

Hello, ive not used this sight for a few years...



Im Emily and im 30 years old. I was diagnosed at 22 with grade 2 (mostly grade 1 cells but the odd grade 2 cell) and stage 1 breast cancer. I had a full mastectomy and was treated with hormone therapy.


Its been 7.5 years since the diagnosis and life has been very normal after i finished treatment 2 years ago. I have suffered a couple of miscarriages but other than that and the odd dodgy shoulder ive been fine.


However; a week last saturday i woke up with the most painful back pain that was spread all over my back, it went then came back. Then last wednesday, my legs started to tingle the pain has almost gone from the top of my back but its still there at the bottom and im becoming increasingly worried every second of the day.


Ive been told that i just need to do some excersises to get rid of it, its nothing as its come on suddenly etc etc, but i cant help fearing the worst - so much so i have arranged a consultation with my breast surgeon (my oncologist has discharged me), something just doesnt feel right. This is something that i have never, ever experienced. 


Im not asking for advice, or anything else but this forum has helped me out so much over the years i suppose i just wanted to vent to the people that understand rather than my other half or people who just dont know what to say.


I have got so used to living a "normal" life again, and im scared to death of worrying my other half, especially as we have had to go through the pain of losing our two babies.I just dont know what to do with myself or how to stop being so worried.


Thanks for reading,


Emily x