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Re: Hello

Thank you for the replys, I is good and puts mind at rest knowing people are the same. I am going to clinc in the morning so the will have a look at my wound then,
tracy it is like yours more uncomfortable, and being tired may make it feel more sore.
Lavender lassie I am doing just that playing games on the computer to try and take my mind off things lol
Thankyou dee for the advise.
And thank you all for the support, hopefully I will have good news tomorrow.
Andrea x


Re: Hello

Welcome to the club

I too had wle and snb my wound is starting to hurt (more uncomfortable than pain but the same feeling as you) I phone my bcn and am going in tomorrow just to be sure that I have not got an infection so would advise that you give them a call. On a positive note my news was good so maybe yours will be too

Big Hugs




Re: Hello

Dear Drea,
That doesn't count as going on, that is just you telling it how it is!
So sorry you have become eligible for this special club, that none of us wanted to join, but everyone is very nice here, and it is really good to find other people who understand what it is all like.
In my opinion, it would be abnormal NOT to feel anxious about going back for those results, feeling anxious is what most of us do/did.

Apart from finding mindless distractions like TV or DVDs or computer games or whatever, I kept telling myself how good the Breast Care Team were and how many people come through it all OK. This bit of waiting is really hard, once you have results and a plan begins to get sorted out, you feel better, and less out of control.

If your wound is more painful than it was and you are more tired than you were, how about phoning up your breast care nurse in the morning? I always felt better talking to them, we have a lovely team.

Have a hug, oh, maybe not if it's going to hurt!


Re: Hello

Sorry you had to join us here, but keep reading & posting and you'll get lots of support...

and don't apologise for 'going on' - It's an open book here and you won't get criticised for anything you say no matter how small it seems,

As for your wound I would give your breast care nurse a ring just to make sure you haven't got an infection or anything, or see if your district nurse can take a look - mine we're brill and came round every week to see me since surgery.

Good luck with your results,

Dee x



Hi I am new to this forum as you know lol,
I was diagnosed with breast cancer 18th April, I had a WLE 2wks ago with SNB, going back to breast clinic on thursday and i am getting some anxity about, also the last to days I have been feeling more tiered than usual, and my wound is stinging a lot lick a needle is going through it is this normal,
Sorry to go on a bit Drea