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Help and advise with a decision needed ! xx


Re: Help and advise with a decision needed ! xx

Hi mammycatz,

When I was considering all my options, my first choice was for the tummy flap reconstruction but due to extensive scarring from previous ops on my abdomen that was a no go - I had been hoping for a tummy tuck into the bargain, I thought I may as well gain something positive from this! I also considered the LD flap, but was told that this would be too much on both sides, plus the additional scarring put me off, after all I already had my fair share of scars. So implant was the decision and I suppose my surgeon steered me to that decision as she said this would give me the best results, I just put my trust and faith in her and let her do what she thought best. I knew I would have to go smaller as my previously radiated skin would not stretch too far. I am pleased with them, they look completely normal when I am dressed. Just a little odd uncovered as no nipples yet and scars a bit like an upside T, they are quite high also at the moment as still early days, but I believe they will develop as slight natural droop. I had the tear drop shape implants too as I did not want it to look like a couple of pudding bowls strapped to my chest. They feel quite hard still at the moment, but I would imagine the same would apply to the straightforward way.

You ask what they are like, well they remind me a bit of my boobs when I was 17, round and firm!

Hope this helps xx

Re: Help and advise with a decision needed ! xx

Hi hdsurvivor!


Thank you so much for replying - I really appreciate it!


I rang & asked again and they said that they are making an appointment for me to see the plastic surgeon about the strattice reconstruction - they still said they would have to do the lymph nodes separately and before if I go for this one as the plastics don't do this - they are also at a different hospital.


With the mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with just the implants the oncologist/surgeon would do it all at once including the nodes.


Can I ask what made you decide on the strattice as opposed to the straightforward implants? Also what are they like? xxxxxxx


PS I'm also a DD - well I am for now!!!! lol x



Re: Help and advise with a decision needed ! xx

Hi mammycatz.

I had a bilateral masectomy with immediate reconstruction, 6 weeks ago. I had the strattice with silicone implants done. I was fortunate that my SNB was done during surgery and thankfully all clear, so I only had the two nodes removed, if it had been positive they would have performed an axillary node clearance as part of my op. It is still early days but I am pleased with my new boobs, all be it that they are a lot smaller than my own were, I have gone from a dd cup to a b. I was given quite a lot of antibiotics, to ensure I didn't get an infection, which I belive is a higher risk with this procedure and recovery I think is longer.

Is it worth asking your breast surgeon if they could do your SNB at your operation I.e. If they are clear you can have the strattice, and if unfortunately they are positive they could put in the expanders. I basically signed consent for both so my breast surgeon could make the best decision for me on the operating table. I guess it depends on the hospital and surgeons available, I had two oncoplastics doing my op, one on each side!

Good luck with making your decisions.

P.S. You are the same age as me!


Re: Help and advise with a decision needed ! xx

Hi mammycatx


Whilst you are waiting for the other users to reply with their experience and knowledge you might find it helpful to talk things through with a member of staff on the BCC helpline.  Here you can share your thoughts and concerns with someone who will offer you a listening ear as well as support and information.  The number to call is 0808 800 6000 and lines are open weekdays 9 to 5pm and Saturday 10 to 2pm.


Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator  


Help and advise with a decision needed ! xx

Hi All x


I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and saw the oncologist/surgeon on Friday. I'm having a double mastectomy but need to make a dcision on what reconstruction to have - I am lucky I think to be able to have the mastectomy and reconstruction done at the same time.


The choice is:


1) Have a straightforward mastectomy and immediate implants - with sentinal nodes removed - all done by the oncologist/surgeon in one go


2) Have a mastectomy and Strattice Reconstruction done by plastic surgeons - but this means I would first have to have - as a day case - an operation to have the sentinal lymph nodes removed by the oncologist/surgeon. If this comes back that there is no cancer in the lymph nodes I go straight for the mastectomy/strattice reconstruction op and job done.

But if it comes back with cancer in the lymph nodes I'll have to have chemo before the mastectomy/strattice operation


Option 1 seems more straightforward but Option 2 I'm told is a much more natural result with the strattice


Forgive me - I hope this all makes sense!! 


What I could really do with is some advise from any others who have gone through either the mastectomy/ordinary implants and/or anyne who has had the mastectomy/strattice reconstruction done like this?


Any advise would be soooo welcome as at the moment I'm so scared and want to get it over with I'm tempted to just go for the straightforward one! But I really don't want to do this and regret not taking the opportunity to have the more natural result of option 2 xxxxxxxx Man Frustrated Heart


PS I'm 52 and initially was not going to have reconstruction at all as I thought I would have to have it done separately etc - but when they told me it could all be done in one op I thought - in for a penny in for a pound!!! xxxxx