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Help - have I got lobular in the other side now?


Re: Help - have I got lobular in the other side now?

Good luck Sally ,let us know how you get on.


Re: Help - have I got lobular in the other side now?


I've been on the other site more about this, but I have done what all of you have suggested: rang the BCN who said see your GP, saw her who has now referred me to the Marsden (though she said I can't feel anything, but you know your breast better than anyone else) and I have got an appointment with Fiona MacNeill at 4.00 pm today!

I also told Ian and he said he could also feel the thickening too and it's still very tender. Problem is I can't compare the tenderness with the other side because it's a tummy boob now.

Anyway, thanks ladies for your support and advice - I knew I had to do it but just needed some reassurance I wasn't being a loon.

I'll let you know how I get one - again thanks very much.

Sally xx


Re: Help - have I got lobular in the other side now?


You need to go to GPs and ask for a referral back to Breast Clinic. You can't afford to sit on it. I know you're worried, but please don't leave it for too long. The sooner you get it sorted, the sooner you will have peace of mind.

Julie x


Re: Help - have I got lobular in the other side now?

Sally, Val is right, if you're shaking with anxiety you need to talk to someone about it. Her suggestion to phone your bcn is a good idea as she'll know your history and what your MRI showed.

You don't want to be going into your wedding with all this hanging over you - best to start the ball rolling and get some answers, and I hope they'll be the answers you want. Either way, there's no need to start treatment immediately, four weeks isn't going to make a serious difference. I'd also suggest talking to someone who knows you both, and who you trust to keep quiet, about telling your OH, though I do understand why you don't want to worry him.
Have the best possible wedding day,


Re: Help - have I got lobular in the other side now?

You know what you have to do honey.If you notice any changes in your breast you have to have it investigated.No GP will think you are paranoid with your history.Two more suggestions,can you talk to your bcn on the phone?Also why not ring up the BCC helpline.They are exceptionally supportive and will help you think it through.All the very best for the wedding.Love Valxxx


Help - have I got lobular in the other side now?


I was dxd with invasive lobular bc in Feb last year with extensive LCIS so had mastectomy with recon, no rads or chemo. Prior to the mast I had a WLE as the MRI scan came back clear but when the results came back from the WLE it showed up the LCIS. My consultant said that although the MRI had come back clear, if you looked REALLY closely you could see the LCIS.

Now I'm worried they didn't look at the other side really closely as I found my first lump (12mm) because my breast hurt when I took my bra off one night. I found the lump straight away. Now the same thing has happened on my right side - I can't feel a lump but can feel only what I can describe as thickening and it's very tender.

Has anyone else had this - as I'm sure you'll understand, I don't want to go rushing off to my GP as I'm sure he thinks I'm a neurotic paranoid loon - already had pelvic and bone scans (all clear) this year. My BCN is Norwich and I'm now in London - don't know what to do - I'm getting married in just over 4 weeks and don't want to have any treatment before then.

I'm so scared, I'm shaking - any knowledge or advice would be greatly appreciated. Haven't said anything to my OH as his first wife died of secondary BC and I know he'll just be so worried - don't want to worry him if I don't have to.

Thanks in advance,