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Help - letrozole and zolodex side effects


Re: Help - letrozole and zolodex side effects

I have been taking letrozole since sept and the side effects that I get are feeling very hot all the time especially during night. Also aches so went to doctor to see what calcium tablets she recommended I buy from health shop. She was very helpful and prescribed calcium with vit d calked calcesco. I can have two a day and they really help although I don't feel I need them everyday as they make my hair and nails grow really quick. I too think during a lot of water helps so does eating fish must be the omega 3 Hope that this helps. Bev.

Re: Help - letrozole and zolodex side effects



In response to Letrozole side effects. All the ladies that I know including my self who take Letrozole have some side effects the main being stiff joints.  I have found using my airwalker each day for ten minutes makes me less stiff.  Also I have found the side effects vary with each supplier.  I have been taking letrolzole for 6 months and have been given 5 types.  The worst for side effects being cipla.  I have asked my pharmacist to avoid giving me this one.  I too have fuzzy head at times.  Drinking water does help as does getting some fresh air.  My side effects are not as bad as they where when I was first prescribed so I am assuming 'its settling down'.  Hope this helps

Re: Help - letrozole and zolodex side effects

Thank you xx
I do try and drink a lot of water - maybe not enough .

Re: Help - letrozole and zolodex side effects

Hello 26 Bigfoot


I am quite a few years older then you (13 years) and I am on letrozole tablets daily for the next 5 years. So far I seem to suffer with hot flushes and am  very stiff and sore throughout my body when I get out of bed in the mornings.  Also it is even more noticable if I have done plenty of walking during the day my lower back and hips start to ache.  Not sure if this is due to Letrozole or me being out of condition!! Or just the fact I am getting old!! Another thing I've noticed is that I have a cough which has gone on for awhile again not sure if this is anything to worry about or not.  Can anyone enlighten me ???


I seemed to have sailed through the actual menopause with hardly any physical symptoms but as mentioned above I have hot flushes mainly at night and fatigue.  The fatigue is another bone of contention but I am hoping as time progresses it will start to ease.


I haven't had a fuzzy head but I do tend to drink a lot of water which might help you in that you might be getting dehydrated. 


I have heard that Letrozole is one of the better medication to take as compared to Tamoxifen in regards to side effects. 


I am sorry I haven't been much help but I just wanted you to know that you aren't alone!!!  Take care. 

Kristina 13



Re: Help - letrozole and zolodex side effects

Hi jo
Thank you, not sure if I have posted it to the right place....I would just like to talk to someone who is going through this enforced menopause. Or do you know if there are any books out there?


Re: Help - letrozole and zolodex side effects

Hi 26Bigfoot


sorry you haven't had any replies as yet, but hopefully someone will now see your post and reply.  If you need someone to talk to in confidence then our helpline team are just a free phone call away, 0808 800 6000 lines open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2.


Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Help - letrozole and zolodex side effects


2 years after initiall diagnosis and full treatment mastectomy, chemo, radiotherapy- new lump found diagnosed Nov 2013 - 3rd op January 2014 taken off tamoxifen and put on monthly zolodex injections and letrozole. Am only!! 45 Smiley Happy so menopause kicking quite quickly.


Need help in managing/ coping with the fuzzy head - feel like i have been drinking when not!.

It comes and goes - but when it's there it's horrible. Have no inclination to do anything yet i want to.


Hot flushes, aching joints etc.....


look forward to relpies - any books out there?


Thank you