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Re: Hi

Hi Stedie

I think the best bit of advice is to drink plenty of water, the day before, during Chemo day and the day after! Also go with an open mind. Don't assume you will have all the side effects that you read about! Also if you do have side effects, don't suffer in silence.... Speak to someone! Be honest with your Oncologist, if your struggling tell them, they have ways of helping!

I was diagnosed in August 2013, just coming to the end of Radiotherapy now. Had Chemo for 6 sessions! I have managed to work through all my treatment (my choice) I did have a few days off here and there, especially during the Tax part of my Chemo. But other than that I felt pretty okay, other than being tired.

Just rest when you can, and listen to your body. Also expect to have up and down days! Emotions seem to be all over the place. I have found myself crying over the weirdest thing, not necessarily Cancer related.

Also try and join or start a monthly Chemo group. I have found having other ladies to talk to and share moans and groans with invaluable! It has literally got me through all this.

I wish you all the best on your journey. It is a tough road ahead, BUT completely doable, as long as you look after yourself, and share your thoughts, fears and feelings with others. Don't feel you have to do this alone, accept all the help and support you need.

Good Luck

Sal xxxx


Hi all

I start chemo in the next couple of weeks just waiting for date now x I am very scared of the side effects and it lovely to read everyone's comments x any good pointers would be appreciated for the first session x