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Re: Hi

Im in.same situation with teenager at home. I was quite nausea's but not physically sick, may be an.idea to get a rota in.place and batch cook.beforehand, so meals are in place. Joing.the may.moxies group as we have all.started chemo.this month. It will give you an.idea of different aspects, dont forget we are all.different and.affects us differently xx

Re: Hi

Hi Stedie,

Good luck for next week - you will be just fine. I finished chemo in feb 2013 - it's not the greatest fun in the world, but is nowhere near as bad as I'd feared.

I envisaged the drugs going in and then me promptly throwing up on the spot - but it never happened. I wasn't sick once during the whole 6 rounds. The anti sickness meds they give as so good, you really should never be sick.

I felt a little nauseous with the FEC chemo, but eating seemed to get rid of any sick feelings (not good for the waist line but really didn't care at the time).

Good luck anyway for next week - if you have any questions, just shout!

Take care,

K xx


Hi all x I start chemo week
Today very Nervous to be honest x
The sickness worries me as I have teenage kids and they depend on me but have been brill since the start x love reading everyone's comments they are really helpful forgiving forward xx