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Hickman Line


Re: Hickman Line

Hi My_2_boys.I had a Hickman line put in in April and don't expect to have it removed until end of February. As I had a broken wrist in plaster I was unable to vac or iron for 5 weeks anyway but have been doing both since. Just be sensible and take it easy. Let the family give a little TLC for a couple of weeks.

Mine is flushed every week at the chemo unit and have had no problems re infection although the dressings make me itch.

For showering I also put it in a plastic bag - one of the ones with zip type lock and the tape it to my shoulder with the opening end down and this does the trick. Good luck   Marli xx


Re: Hickman Line

Not sure on the Hickman but I have PICC line which comes down out of the arm and am not allowed to lift heavy things with that arm. Was told off while it was healing because I didn't stop lifting things at work. If in any doubt ring your BCN.

Re: Hickman Line

Hiya, I used sandwich bags and tape in shower. Was fine to vac also!

Hickman Line


I had a hickman line put in on Friday. 


The hospital didnt give me any info on it do i have resorted to google.


I know i have to keep it dry whilst washing and wondered if anyone could give me any tips?


Also have read on an us site not to iron or vacum  - is this really the case?


Have the district nurse on friday to flush it but would rather not have to wait till them to find out.