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Holiday clothes


Re: Holiday clothes

Hello Dawn

Thank you for your lovely detailed response to my query. I'm glad you are enjoying your travels post treatment.

Can't think of anything much to add to your comprehensive list - definately recommend a wide brimmed hat and high factor sun cream, and loose cover up tops. Also bought a little battery-operated fan to keep in my hand bag and a small can of cooling spray (also handbag size).  Drink plenty of water and try to rest in the shade. Don't push yourself to do too much - you are on holiday to relax and enjoy yourself not push yourself to the limit ( particularly in the heat) so that you need another holiday by the time you get home!


I really enjoyed my holiday and surprised myself (and my husband) by how much I could actually do, walking, site-seeing etc. I think we could both tell when I was reaching my limit and could decide to take a break for a drink or something to eat. The hills in Tuscany were quite a challenge, as well as the heat but only once told my husband to leave me on the steps in the shade and he went on a bit further then collected me on the way back! A reward of gelato was enough to encourage me to carry on!

We spent one day on the beach just relaxing and it was a bit of a "breakthrough" moment for me - just enjoying the sunshine, reading or people watching and not constantly thinking what's aching today or is my headache a sign of something else. It actually felt "normal" - and I welcomed my " new normal" and am hoping to keep up with the positive thinking now we are back home and back to work. There is light at the end of the tunnel - it may take a while to get there but it's definately there and worth waiting for and working towards!


Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to respond to my original post, and thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read this thread. I hope it has provided some inspiration for anyone struggling with finding their way after treatment. We have all been through such a brutal experience but have come out the otherside stronger than before and just as entitled to enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as a lovely holiday.

Best wishes and happy travelling.


Re: Holiday clothes

Hello Tracey

 Thank you for your response sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I bought a t-shirt bra from Nicola Jane before I went away and it was very comfortable. Didn't think to look for vest tops but will certainly consider them next time - what a good idea.

 Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question - realy appreciate it.

 Best wishes.

Re: Holiday clothes

Hi Daisy, by now I guess you've had your holiday! But for others in the same situation I went to Cornwall 3 days after finishing rads and to menorca 2 weeks later!

My must have recommendations:
- copies of most recent hospital letters stating what treatment you have had, in case of emergency you can show the hospital
- letter from gp / surgeon if you have a port in place which might set off airport security!
- Factor 50 sensitive suncream
- wide brimmed floppy hat
- antibiotics in case of any infection
- insect spray to keep them away, and antihistamine in case they bite!
- lightweight scarf to cover neck and radiotherapy area
- basic first aid kit, including antiseptic wipes and cream incase of injury to affected arm
- fan, and/or water spray if you're suffering with hot flushes
- sleeve for flight if suffering from lymphodema, I had it mild and just wore on the flight not whilst we were away
- cheap lightweight holiday clothes until you shed the post chemo belly (it's amazing how few clothes you can get away with!)

Please tell us how your holiday went Daisy, and add to the list for the benefit of others who follow in our footsteps.

Dawn x

Re: Holiday clothes


I bought a couple of super vest tops form Nicola Jane they are so comfortable, and fit perfectly. I was two months post op when I wore mine. 


Would recommend. 




Re: Holiday clothes

Hello JoJo45 sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. Thanks for the good advice have bought Factor 50 & 30 suncream - don't want to take any chances. Off to Italy next week  looking forward to it now - getting back to doing normal things like holiday clothes shopping certainly helps with the "new normal".

Best wishes to you and thanks again for getting in touch. x

Re: Holiday clothes

I went on holiday to lanzarote after all my treatments.  I wore lots of hats and lose clothing.  A padded swimsuit and just went for the bald look in the pool, well very short chemo regrowth.  Holiday is just the thing we all need after our journeys.  Hope you have a lovely relaxing time.  

Oh and don't forget the sunscreen. I used factor 50 on the radiotherapy area and 30 elsewhere.  Xx

Re: Holiday clothes

Thank you Poppyj for taking the time to reply. I'll certainly take on board your suggestions - actually bought a sunhat yesterday before I saw your response!

Thank you for your good wishes. I hope you enjoy your future travels as well.

Best wishes.

Re: Holiday clothes

So nice that you have something to look forward to after a tough time - just a few suggestions (I've been on several holidays post-op as I plan to make the most of every day now!)


Firstly I would strongly suggest either thin cover-up shirt-style tops or kaftans when in the sun and/or sightseeing, together with high (50) factor nivea sunscreen, which is endorsed by Cancer Research UK. Also a shady sunhat, which looks "cool" in every sense of the word.


Marks & Spencer do some very pretty "Secret Slimming" swimsuits which have ruched bustlines and are very good at concealing and disguising any imbalance (I had a single mastecomy and when wearing these even my best friend can't tell which side is which! These also have pockets for your porsthesis. (Their post-surgery bras are very good (and pretty) too and not too expensive.)


They also do post-surgery swimsuits but unfortunately they come up very high under the arm and irritated the scar where my lymph node was removed but best to try on in-store are see how they feel.


Last, but by no means least, have a great time!

Best wishes, Poppyj

Holiday clothes


Sorry if this seems a bit frivolous compared to other topics on the forum but I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for suitable holiday clothes? I am going on my first "sun" holiday since my mastectomy and subsequent treatment in February 2016. I am a "uniboober" and am now carrying a bit of extra menopausal tummy weight! As a result not much of my standard holiday gear either fits or suits me now.

I will need something that is cool to wear (I'm off to Italy) but covers my prosthesis and my underarm scar. Also will the skin on my chest still be sensitive to the sun as its less than a year since I finished my radiotherapy?

Any suggestions for what to wear gratefully received? I don't want to spoil the holiday for myself and my lovely husband ( who deserves the break as much as I do) because I am stressing or faffing about what to wear everyday!

Thank you in advance.