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Holiday cottage mid chemo - good or bad idea?


Re: Holiday cottage mid chemo - good or bad idea?

Thanks for the reply Flopsy. You have had a rough ride! I am dreading it and hope I am one of the luckier ones  with an easier time of it. So hard. If it was just me I would wait till after treatment but my children would really benefit from at least one week away from home in their school holidays. 


Will think about it some more. 


Re: Holiday cottage mid chemo - good or bad idea?

I think that it is impossible to tell how active one will feel during Chemo. It knocked me for six.


I was desperate for a holiday before the treatment but there is no way that I could have driven during most of the last 9 weeks or got on a plane. I've been largely bed or housepbound through each cycle with nausea, vomiting, dizzyness, weakness etc, in hospital once with an infection and treated at home for an infection twice now.


It may be that your chemo could be fitted in around your  booked holiday. I thought about something similar as I was desperate for a sunny break. After consideration I realised that a week wasn't long enough to recover from the effects of the chemo and then to get away.


In addition through the chemo you may need to contend with delays to dates if your white bloods cells are too low, the loss of your hair and the loss of your nails (depending on the drugs).


We are all different and some people seem to be sailing through chemo.


Sorry to hear that you had to cancel the Cyprus Villa


p.s. really glad to hear well you are recovering from the mastectomy


Holiday cottage mid chemo - good or bad idea?

Advice please from all going through chemo.


I am recovering well from mastectomy and awaiting first appointment with oncology. Expect I will start chemo and herceptin within the month. Have cancelled the villa in Cyprus with great sadness and cant stop thinking about booking something for us all to look forward to in the school holidays.


Found a lovely holiday cottage 2 hours from home which is near lots of outdoor activities for the teens to do with dad and has a log burner and terrace with a view for me. I figure that I could drive home for hosp appointments, staying over if needed, then go back to join the family. 


Is this a bad idea? I know I should wait to see how I feel duing chemo before I plan anything but he chance of finding somewhere to suit us all last minute is going to be hard. I would very much appreciate your views. 


Many thanks