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Home after recon

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Re: Home after recon

Hi Polly

Glad to hear all went well.

Hope you are getting plenty of rest and doing your exercises.

Take things easy.
Jackie xxx

Re: Home after recon

Well done Flora, I saw your thread a few days ago.
Its a brave thing to actually go in for surgery you dont necessarily need. I am building up to the same thing an ld with implant.
Did you have an implant by the way? Keep recovering well and let us know of anything us ladies on the 'other' side need to know.
Happy shopping!
Rosie x

Home after recon

Well, I've done it!!
Back home after 6 nights in hosp. According to Mr. Bonomi, my surgeon all went very well.

Best bits: waking up with a breast shape on my chest, some of the nursing care, flowers, one night listening to 2 demented old ladies shouting at each other - thought I was going to die laughing!! not too much pain, cards, chocs, listening to my ipod, reading a great book, coming home, looking at a new 'cleavage'

Worst bits: 3 drains that felt like a screwdriver stuck in my ribs, being on a gynae ward (no I don't know either!), the hospital food (poison), some of the nursing care, all the drugs made me feel sick, lonely nights, hearing (smelling) other peoples bodily functions/hallucinations/relatives.

The best bit - I HAVE A NEW BOOB !!!!

Now time to recover, get strong and hit the lingerie shops just in time for Christmas.
Love to you ll,
Polly xx