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Hot flushes and letrozole


Re: Hot flushes and letrozole

I started Letrozole in Sept and even though post menopause I'd never had a flush in my life. Within a week on Letrozole I started experiencing flushes although not too bad. However in Dec I started taking my tablet in the evening - Result ! Have no side effects during the day and my life is so much better now Good luck xx

Re: Hot flushes and letrozole

I think the reaction depends on the person. I had not had hot flushes for years but when I started letrozole they were very similar to what I had before. They disappeared after about two months.

Re: Hot flushes and letrozole

Hi Stocksfield,


You might find it helpful to give our Helpline a call to talk things over.  They'll be able to offer you information and support.  Opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000


I've also attached a link to our booklet on Letrozole:




Very best wishes



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Hot flushes and letrozole

Hi ladies,


I have been having hot flushes due to the menopause for nearly three years now. They are inconvenient but no worse than that. I am now being offered letrozole for recurrent breast cancer, and hot flushes are one of the side-effects. Does that mean I am likely to just get more of the same, or is it more likely that the hot flushes will become more frequent or severe than they already are?


Thanks a to all,