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How Are You Today?


Re: How Are You Today?

Hi I am fine, I hope you are doing great too.
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Re: How Are You Today?

The waiting is horrible Feather ,when do you go for your appointment?

Re: How Are You Today?


Hi all..


Maldives, how are you doing? You seem so caring, no self pity, regardless of the "terminal"  diagnosis.  Btw I hate that word...people live for years after that.  


I am waiting to see the Consultant, to get the results of my first ever mammogram (I am 72 years old) . reason...., I had a bloody discharge and the Gp referred me immediately to the Breast Clinic. I don't know what awaits me, but I feel ok.....what wil be, will be.  I am very anxious but am keeping busy


love and thanks xxx

Re: How Are You Today?

Hi silverlady, patriciamay. I was diognosed with bc and secondary bone cancer straight off so i missed all the normal pathways at the beginning. It took me a long time to get my head round the fact i had terminal cancer and all they gave me was a little pill (letrozole). I felt relieved that they had foubd something as i couldnt keep any food down lost 3st in two months. I felt great. Couldnt come to terms with terminal cancer and me. Si i do know a little of that feeling that you have. It was only when i started another treatment that it all kicked off. Anyway enougj of me. So glad for you ladies. Get out there and live your life to the full. Sending you love and prayers for future good health and happines sue xxxxx

Re: How Are You Today?

hi silver & patricia,
Its quite normal to feel like this, sometimes being 'cancer free' & later completing treatment has an odd anti-climax & 'what now' feeling, but it does get better in time.
Also, you're both still in the middle of it & the mind needs to adjust, it just takes time, thats all.
There is quite a lot if discussion on this in the 'recovering from treatment' thread.
ann x

Re: How Are You Today?

By having all these scans, you will know for certain that at the moment everything is cancer free.  When my consultant told me that he wasn't going to do my mx if the CT scan found it had spread I was gutted. But, I understand that he didn't want to put me through a major operation unnecessarily- it stilled scared the **bleep** out of me waiting for the results of the scan.


Maybe, that's why I feel empty, every week I was waiting for the next set of results, it seemed to go on and on and now all that adrenaline has stopped.  I've never been so scared in my life before.





Re: How Are You Today?

Hi silver 


I should have had the MRI right back in October because I am what is termed as "multi focal".  However, my second lump wasn't  discovered until the day of surgery, which means I haven't followed the right pathway.  They just want to be triply sure.  I have had a 3D scan a 2d scan and an USS, but they just want to do this last one.

Re: How Are You Today?

Hi Patricia,

That's why I started this post, so that I and you and any others can say how they feel, even if it doesn't make sense.

You're not being a fool or mis-understanding.

Good luck with your MRI tomorrow. Even that is contradictory, why are you having an MRI if you are cancer free.

There does need to be more education, breast cancer may not kill, but when it spreads it does, and there isn't awareness for that and that's something us ladies have got to worry about for the rest of our lives.

It's pouring down here as well - have a good day.

Re: How Are You Today?

Hi Maldives, because it was 4.7cm and a grade 3, I'm having the chemo and rads as a preventative measure.

It is good news, but I don't feel like I've had any bad news. I still can't believe I had cancer as it was gone within a month if me finding it.

I'm alright, I just feel as I'm in a dream. I'm not sure if I am explaining it well enough.

Thanks for the hug.

Re: How Are You Today?

Hi sorry,in the weird way my brain is working these days No one would understand those posts.  I have had a lumpectomy to two patches.  1, grade 1 6mm. 1 grade 2 11mm.  I am ER positive HER2 neg. no node involvement.  Because I have had a multi focal cancer I am having an MRI to mbreasts only on Monday.  I am starting on Latrazole Monday too.


my sister said to me, that is like a secret spy code! 😀


Its pouring down with rain here - but have a good day.


Re: How Are You Today?

I've just had an immediate panic making that post.  Silver am so relating to what you say.  Am I being a fool? Did I must-understand?


when I had a chat with my oncon, I said there needs to be more education in the general public, as BC is so mis-understood.  I might not yet be out of the woods as I have my MRI tomorrow, I don't feel fear today which I would have done back in October.  


Have a lovely day.

Re: How Are You Today?

Hi Maldives, I am cancer free as well, my oncologist used those words, I will be having radiotherapy as belt and braces and preventative therapy.  Dependent on your type of cancer etc is dependent on your treatment and outcome.  Where are you on this pathway of........


Just logging in to wish us all a good day, and hoping your day is anxiety free.

Re: How Are You Today?

Hi im confused if you have been given the all clear and your cancer free why are you having chemo later? We can all relate to the worry and shock at the beginning but it sounds like you've had amazing news. Try and put this behind you and live your life to the full because believe me you didnt want the other answer. Sending you a hug because you seem like you need one. Sue xxx

Re: How Are You Today?

Hi Patricia,

It is surreal, I still can't believe it has happened.

Have a good workout at the gym.

Re: How Are You Today?

Hi. Yes that's me too.  I'm feeling really good and beginning to put this behind me - though almost a bit too scared to think in that way, beginning to feel a bit surreal.


im off to the gym now so will catch you later.  This is a good thread to start!

How Are You Today?

Hi Ladies,


I wasn't sure where to put this, as it didn't seem to fit any of the categories.


I'm not newly diagnosed, or going through treatment yet (starts soon), nor living with breast cancer.  


According to my surgeon I'm cancer free.


I'm not scared at the moment, although I'm not looking forward to going through chemo. 


I was diagnosed on the 29 November, went through all the terrifying, heart stopping, waiting for results, had a mx and SNB on 13 December and got the all clear on 22 December.


I'm numb, I think I'm in shock, it's like it has happened to someone else. I have no interest in anything. I'm in limbo.


I'm not even sure why I'm posting this - but who else would understand?