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How is tumour size measured?


Re: How is tumour size measured?

Hi Blondeambition


Whilst you await replies here please feel free to call our helpliners to talk your queries through, lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 on Saturdays, we also have a publication called 'Understanding your pathology' which may be helpful and you can read this here:




Here's some information about further support specifically aimed at younger women you can access from BCC:






Take care

Lucy BCC


How is tumour size measured?

Hi Ladies
First time posting on here....before I start just want to say how inspirational and helpful I have found this site over the last few months. Thank you xxx
I'm a bit confused about something and hope you can help. I'm 33 and was diagnosed with DCIS Grade 3 on 26th June 2015. Sentinel lymph node clear. I had a mastectomy and reconstruction nearly 3 weeks ago. I got my results last Friday which showed that all cancer had been removed with clear margins but they had seen a 2 mm area that had spread out of the ducts. This means that the cancer is now classed as invasive (correct me if that's wrong...). The original area of DCIS was 8 cm, so pretty large. Does that mean that my tumour size is 8 cm or is my tumour size the 2 mm as this is the only part that is invasive? I'm confused because the BCN basically said that the DCIS has been removed now and they are not concerned with that. They had to test only the invasive cells for HER2 etc. Help please....I want to know which part is used as the measurement of my tumour.
I've been told it's HER2 positive as well as Oestrogen positive so I am now facing chemotherapy and Herceptin. I'm terrified of the chemotherapy but I'm more terrified that after all of this it will still come back. I've been Googling the NHS Predict tool and it has scared the life out of me.
I have a beautiful 20 month old little boy and I just want to live to see him grow up. This is just so hard. xxx