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How long did your biopsy results take?


Re: How long did your biopsy results take?

I think it works differently depending on the hospital. We are waiting for my mums results and it'll be 3 weeks to the day after the biopsies were taken. I'm wondering if that's the day that hits their turn around times. I'd like to think that the delay means positive news, but I believe it's the same regardless of the result. We go back for her results tomorrow so I guess we'll know then.

How long did your biopsy results take?

Hi I'm 36 and had a biopsy on 3rd Nov after an ultrasound and mammo showed microcalcifications. I also have a large lump/hardened area in my breast which is why the GP referred me for tests.

I've just got an appt through for 20th Nov to get the results so it will be over 2 weeks after the biopsy was done. My head is telling me as they're not getting me in quickly for the results it's more than likely nothing serious but I'm wondering what others experiences have been. Particularly anyone Dx with BC, do they normally let you know quickly if it's bad news? Thanks, just trying to mentally prepare myself.