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How long for hair?


Re: How long for hair?

Hi again Momo


Very good points raised by Jen Jen (nice to hear from you BTW & hope your rads were OK).  Mine has not grown evenly either & nor is the consistency the same all over my head.  There is a particularly mad part right on the top that just stands on end & refuses to flop over like normal hair despite now being 8cm long LOL.  I am not taking supplements, but I do eat lots of walnuts & fresh fruit & veg, which is supposed to help.  I would be happy to send you the things that allege to grow it faster if you at all interested because they are just sitting there & I can't quite bring myself to chuck them out.  I read that waiting for your hair to grow is the longest year of your life.  I'm sure you will agree with that.  I know I did.  With the massage thing, my hairdresser agreed with Jen, but Macmillan says don't do it too ferociously or it can damage the follicles.  Wishing you all the best & superfast hair growth. Xx



Re: How long for hair?

Hi Momo

Please dont worry it will grow back x

I finished chemo at the end of March so am 7 months post chemo today and I am just getting to the stage where it looks like a hairdo rather than as bibi said prisoner cell block H

At the end of June I had no hair on the front of my head from my ears forward but growth on the back mid july when I started rads I had enough hair I confidently ditched my wig for a v short but even crop

Mine hasnt grown a cm a month either it just sort of took off of its own accord a few weeks ago. As bibi said just try and help your hair by eating well. I have hair thats a good 5cms on places and 3cms in the bits that started growning later

I washed my head now hair every 3 days with watermans grow me which is about £10 on amazon I only recently bought the conditioner to help with fluffiness. I take biotin 10000mcg a day I have no idea if either work but I have decided when I run out I am not buying anymore. I massage my head for a few minutes each day with my fingers again I dont know if this does work.

The one thing I have noticed is a friend and I both ditched hats, wigs , scarves etc the same time as it was v v hot she was a month behind me but her hair has grown loads too so maybe our heada like the lack of friction from headwear

Jen x

Re: How long for hair?

Thanks Bibi. At this stage I would be happy with just all over stubble. Feels like it's never even going to start growing just now. Will be starting tamoxifen soon I assume & think that might cause thining. Was hoping my hair would be growing normally before then. Taking vitamin b & d but didn't really believe the hype on the hair growth treatments. Glad to know not to bother with them.

Re: How long for hair?

Hi Momo how immensely frustrating for you! I am 9 months post chemo & my hair is just beginning to look like something someone might have chosen as a hairdo, rather than something from prisoner cell block H. The 1cm a month thing is just an average I think, because I had months where mine barely budged 4mm. In the end I measured it on the first of each month to reassure myself that it was actually growing, which it was.  I think it's just pot luck how fast it grows.  All you can do is eat hair growth promoting foods & put up with all the comments everyone makes about your hair the whole time. The latter drive me nuts &, because I know they are trying to be kind, I just grit my teeth & try & smile.  If only they knew that all their well meaning comments just serve to bring my attention back to my hair, which I prefer to forget when I am not looking in a mirror.  I don't know if you are on hormone therapy or Herceptin, but both of those can slow down hair growth.  I had my last Herceptin 2 weeks ago & I am hoping for a growth spurt soon.  Fingers crossed yours perks up soon too. xx ps I bought FAST from Boots & Tricomin from Amazon.  Both hair no effect on my regrow & I couldn't get on with Tricomin, which is quite expensive, so total waste of money.

How long for hair?

It's nearly 8 weeks since I finished chemo and I still don't have normal hair growth. McMillan site says I should have 1cm or so by now. Do have thin fuzz that I have had all through chemo but not real growth. How long was it for everyone else? Also still got to go through radiotherapy, will that effect hair growth?