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How long to recover from radiotherapy?


Re: How long to recover from radiotherapy?

Hi sarcath I was told that I should not expect to feel " normal" for at least 1 year minimum after all treatment. I only finished my rads 18th dec 08,my friend worked as a sister in a chemotherapy unit and suggested I take a can of sweetheart stout daily as this would help, I have noticed that on the odd day when I didn,t take it I was more tired.Take care.

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How long to recover from radiotherapy?

It is now almost a year since I finished mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy and back in the autumn I really beagan to feel fairly 'normal' again. Since the however I seem to be going backwards - always so tired, lots of headaches and other aches and pains. So am wondering whether the effects of radiotherapy can recur later. Age doesn't help - I'm 66 - and have had a lot of treatment apart from bc, but long to get back to how I was just a couple of years or 18 months ago.
Anyone else found this problem?