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How many years free since a recurrence?


Re: How many years free since a recurrence?

Hi again Regine

Most people who are maybe 2, 3, 5, 10 years down the line with no problems will be away out enjoying life so dont post on here anymore so can skew... The replies a bit.... But for your info...

My bc history
17/04/2006 ER+ BC right breast, lumpectomy and rads... End of treatment... Aug 06.
14/05/2009 TNBC left breast, lumpectomy, epi-CMF and rads... End if chemo nov 09, end of treatment feb 10.
23/08/2011 recurrence of TNBC to left interpectoral lymph modes, with muscle invasion. lumpectomy and rads and carbo&tax.... End of chemo feb 12, end of treatment mar 12.
23/08/2013 distant recurrence to right upper lung and hilar and mediastinal lymph nodes... ENCHANT trial for ganetespib... Completed 17/18 treatments over 3 months then progression of lung tumour.... New plan taxotere... As many as i can tolerate for as long as its working.

lulu xxx

How many years free since a recurrence?

there are several threads mentioning lovely ladies who had TBNC at some point and are now 2/3/5/10 years free of any more occurences or secondaries.
i get the impression, that quite a few may get over the 4/8 year threshold without issues and then its all good.
thats really wonderful and i am very happy that these stories exist in abundance.

i would like to know - how many years have people been free from this nastiness since a recurrence?
or is the natural version of events to have a recurrence and the secondaries are pre programmed for a couple of years later?
my children are 10 and 13. i have been dx with recurrence in Nov 2013, aber first dx in May 2011. i cant help myself to think, with the onset of a recurrence, my chances of seeing them becoming adults diminishing ...