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Husbands - Panic Attacks


Re: Husbands - Panic Attacks

Sorry to hear JDD 😞 x

Re: Husbands - Panic Attacks


Hi All


Sorry i have not been back sooner

My husband is in quite a state, we now have the crisis team involved, every thing has gone so negative

he's having daily support sessions, its all very sad


If you need support please contact you GP asap and get some help to support you

Re: Husbands - Panic Attacks

Has your husbands panic attacks stopped? I'm still struggling as we wait to find out the oncologist says about my wife x

Re: Husbands - Panic Attacks

Thank you for your replays and helpful comments

my husband is currently at the doctors this morning, I am hoping he

is asking for some councilling x

it very hard getting it right for everyone it's making me very tired 

thanks for your support

Re: Husbands - Panic Attacks

When I was first diagnosed I took Citalopram and Diazipam together , they really helped with panic attacks, Diazipam acts instantly so he may find them more helpful until the other one kicks in, I don't take them now so they are not hugely addictive in the short term, I'm on another antidepressant now to help with SE of tamoxifen and feel fantastic, whatever gets you through I say, must be very hard for you to be worrying about your hubby on top of it all, hope he's feeling better soon xx Jo 

Re: Husbands - Panic Attacks

This must be an incredibly tough situation for you at a time when you need all the support you can get.  I am pretty sure that citolpram takes a  couple of weeks to kick in and once it does he should start to feel less panicky and upset.   I know panic attacks can be horrible and scary but people can be taught techniques by counsellors to control them.   Have you talked to your BCN about this? Maybe she can put you in touch with some counselling and support for both of you.  Also you could try the help line on this site.  People that have used it have posted to say it is really helpful.   I was diagnosed on routine mammogram too and the shock was horrendous but I am through surgery now and on long term tablets and feeling fine.  There is light at the end of the tunnel! Please do keep asking for help for yourself and your husband from your GP as well because you should not be having all this added anxiety and distress worrying about him on top of having to go through treatment.  Right now you are the one who needs supporting.   Sending you lots of gentle hugs xx

Husbands - Panic Attacks


I have been reading along since diagnosed on the 30th June

A real shock - no idea untill recalled after a rountine mamagram


I have had WLE, clear margins  yesterday went to see the oncolgist for next steps expecting 15 seesions of rads and 10 years of tablets

I was offered chemo which i think i will take as it improves by 10% of non recurrence


My husband is struggling went to doctor last friday was given 2 week sick note and 2 weeks of citalopram treats panic attacks and depression, his panic attacks are really severe and the last to nights i have had to put him to bed with him rambling away, last night he was putting his coat on to go out at 10.20m in the pouring rain - really not good he keeps say he hasn't supported me well enough - i really dont know what to do


Can anyone help me with some advice?