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‘I can’t be the only one’: An analysis of men’s experience of breast cancer

‘I can’t be the only one’: An analysis of men’s experience of breast cancer

From Matthew Hall

Research Ethics: Information sheet                                    


‘I can’t be the only one’: A discursive analysis of men’s experience of breast cancer.


Dr Matthew Hall                                                                     

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant                                                     

Division of Psychology                                                          

Nottingham Trent University                                      

Burton St, Nottingham NG1 4BU                              

Tel: 0115 941 8418                            

Email: matthew.hall@ntu.ac.uk         



Since male breast cancer is still relatively rare in men (1:1000) it is predominantly perceived as a ‘women only’ illness and so less understood in many contexts. Therefore, Prof. Brendan Gough, Leeds Metropolitan University, Prof. Kate Hunt, Glasgow University, Dr. Sarah Seymour-Smith and Dr. Matthew Hall, Nottingham want to examine Breast Cancer Care accounts as male breast cancer sufferers’ in the Breast Cancer Care Forum/Talk To People Like Me/Men/I can’t be the only one?




They will examine the electronic posts to see how men discuss their current, or previous illness, in relation to other posters, focusing in particular on how users make/made sense of their illness.   Such findings could usefully be deployed to enhance other sufferers’ experiences in a variety of settings such as patient/health professional interactions.


Any information provided on the Cancer Care Forum that we use in publishing our findings will be anonymised. We will also provide a shortened version of any publication for your information.


Please contact the principle researcher Dr. Matthew Hall with any further enquiries.