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I found a lump, can't stand the stress!


Re: I found a lump, can't stand the stress!

Hi Shar, hi Janet, hi everyone!!!

I am back from hospital and I couldn't tell you better news: I had the mammogram and US today and immediately after this, they gave me the "All clear". They found that it was not a lump, but my silicone implant was folded a bit and so it created that sensation of a "ball" at the base of my breast.

But I am here to tell you my experience and ask all of you in this terrible situation (waiting for results) to be OPTIMISTIC and please try to stop suffering in advance for something that more probably won't happen! I WAS CONVINCED that I had BC, because I smoked my whole life and ate junk food, besides being genetically "programed": my 2 aunts had a very agreesive type of BC and both had mastectomy, (although they are perfectly healthy now).

So, girls, if it helps, I would like to say that the FEAR is what makes us believe the worst will happen, that's the biggest part of the problem, the fear!

I also would like to say that I wish EVERYONE of you the best of  luck and if ANY of you need support (even company to go to hospital) and you are at a reasonable distance from me, I am totally available to go with you and help as I can ( I live in London E4).

I really care for you all and am praying that everyone of you will be OK! xxx



Re: I found a lump, can't stand the stress!

Hi Shar,


Thank you very much for hour reply. I feel much calmer today as my appointment is tomorrow morning. I will let you know what ever it is.

Thanks again, everybody sounds so nice on here! xxx



Re: I found a lump, can't stand the stress!

Hi beatriz


Welcome to the forum.  As well as the support to be found here from fellow members you might find it helpful to give our Helpline a call to talk things over.  They will be able to offer you information and support.  The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000


Very best wishes



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Re: I found a lump, can't stand the stress!

So sorry you are going through this ,I am 52 smoke and three weeks ago had triple assessment mammogram ultrasound ,core biopsy,the waiting is the worse ,I could not force myself to do anything ,just so convinced I had cancer,I have to have a lumpectomy to get this lump out and still worried sick,you at not on your own ,it's horrid waiting,keep telling yourself if you can this is not breast cancer ,it could be a cyst ,fibroadanoma ,have a look at the benign section on here it may put your mind at rest a little!keep your chin up Shar xx

I found a lump, can't stand the stress!

Hi everyone,


I am new on here.

First of all, I was reading some of your comments and support to each other and thinking how many nice people we also find in this world, (not all has been lost)!!!

Here I go:I am 53, I smoke, and three days ago I found a lump on my left brest, sice then I can't sleep or work, the anxiety is awful. I have two ants (my mother's sisters) who had BC and their breasts removed. Two years ago I went through a terrible divorce which caused me an unbearable pain, and I believe it has caused me cancer. Yesterday I went to see my GP and they said I will be contacted shortly to fix an appointment (in about 2 weeks time- what sounds like an eternity), so I am going to have the tests privately on this Thursday, so that I will get the results 2 weeks earlier. In any case, I am in hell right now, please help! xx