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I have options for op don't know what to do


Re: I have options for op don't know what to do

Hi Tadpole, 

It realy is a personaly decision as to what surgery you decide to go for, when you have been given the option it's often a very difficult decision to make. What i will say is, that a WLE plus radiotherapy has the same survival outcome as a Mx, often a Mx is required if  a WLE would distort the breast too much , ie: if breasts are small ,as the cosmetic appearence wouldnt be as good, but for those with larger breast's the outcome is usealy very good, another reason a Mx would be required is if the cancer was widespread or you had a very large tumour.

There is a possibility with a WLE of a resection if clear margin's are not achieved ,but also that possibilty exsist's if any node's are found to be involved with the SNB. A Mx does not gaurentee non reocurrence , as breast tissue extends also to the underarm and clavical area , so there will alway's be a small amount of breast tissue left behind ,though a Mx will greatly reduce the risk. 

It's realy is a personal decision , on how you feel about both the different surgerie's, but in term's of survival outcome's the two different surgerie's are the same.

I would have a chat with your breast surgeon or BCN again, and then you will be able to make a decision which is best for you.

Good Luck to you

Linda x :


Re: I have options for op don't know what to do

It's such a personal decision. I had mx and no regrets and want the good boob off now. The only thing I will say from reading other posts is that some women have to have further op when opting for lumpectomy if clear margins aren't achieved. I ended up having to have second op for an ANC due to node involvement, so hayho we are kind of not in control anyway...

I have options for op don't know what to do

Hello, this will sound so futile having read the problems others face. I had an MRI today and the invasive lobular cancer is 16mm max and no other cancer. Now I need to decide whether to have a masectomy or just cancer and margins plus sentinel node. Really don't want to go through this again, I am 62 with disabled son. Has anyone else decided to have have mx and felt ok about decision afterwards? Bbc nurse and team great, but due for op on 10 sept, so got to decide. Thankyou