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I think I have spine mets


Re: I think I have spine mets

Hi syers,


I think you have really done the right thing to press for that mri. No one should be in pain for that long without getting answers and I think that once you have got those answers you will find it easier to cope with whatever it throws up. It is the uncertainty and not knowing that drives us mad at times. Do stick with us and let us know how it goes on Friday and then when you get results because there is so much experience here from those dealing with pain issues and bone mets. I have posted elsewhere about my own experience with this diagnosis so I won't keep banging on about it too much. Just to say that I have had bc for 26 years now and 14 of them with extensive bone mets where all my spine is damaged, particularly where there are soft tissue tumours that have caused nerve root compression. But once diagnosed it is usual to be put on one of the bisphosphonate drugs which are very successful in helping to heal the damaged areas.  Mine are also in my skull and those responed very rapidly to treatment, as were those in my ribs and collarbone. I have quite a lot of damage to my hips & pelvis.


Mari rose I was interested to read that you refused rads. I have done that on number of occasions when told I could have it help with the pain. My concern was that they don't often revisit an area that has been treated and each time I didnt feel the amount of pain I had warranted rads at that time. What is so hard in making that sort of decision is that none of us knows how long we have got. If it's not long then it makes sense to have the treatment sooner rather than leave it. I would never ask how long I had though because quite honestly I don't think they know. I have had my lower spine treated twice now with a 2 year gap between each rads. The skin over quite a large area is quite burnt!


stresshead I'm sorry to read that you have  been dx with bone mets now. Have you started on denosmab yet? If not do remember it is very important to get any invasive dental treatment out of the way before you start and make sure your dentist knows you are being treated with it.





Re: I think I have spine mets

hi Syers, thank you for posting your concerns...we are always here to listen...lets hope your fears are unfounded. I have just learned that i have mets in spine and pelvis (as well as mets in skin and pleura) and was devastated bt no one seemed majorly concerned...i even had to ask about denosmab. Keep s posted ...we all have our fingers crossed for you.x


Re: I think I have spine mets

Hello Syers welcome to the forum

I do hope your scan will be ok. I have a tumour on my sacrum (spine) and cancer cells all the way up my spine. I have been dx since 2013. The onc at the time said I could have radiotherapy to ease the pain but as I had no pain at the time I declined from having it. I have more pain now but after a recent MRI it showed a slip disc which I had physio for and it does help at times.

Don't go getting yourself all upset there is lots of help for the pain. You may like to join the Bone Mets thread you will find lots of ladies to help you on there as well as banter to take your mind of things also it is the most active thread. 

Take care and good luck with your results xxx


Re: I think I have spine mets

Welcome syers
Sorry that you are in so much pain..it's always a terrible time until scans are read and results given.
Once you have this you will be in a better state of mind to focus on treatment plan.
There is a lot of kindness and experience here so stay with us .
Hugs xxx

I think I have spine mets

Hi ladies I have been having terrible back pain for 12 weeks now I had bone scan which was clear ..but pain was still there so I wasn't happy and pushed for mri.. This was last Thursday I phoned bcn for results and she was very sheepish usually she just gives me results , she said they had not been reported on properly . Then I got a call from oncologist saying they wanted to see me Monday morning to discuss results ..I was sick last night with pain I just want it gone .. Dreading Friday I'm in bits can't think straight 😔.. Any help or advise would be great right now 😘