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I've delayed my breast clinic appt - irresponsible?


Re: I've delayed my breast clinic appt - irresponsible?

Unfortunately I have been diagnosed with stage 1 grade 2 NST. I'm glad I made sure that we had an amazing holiday. X

Re: I've delayed my breast clinic appt - irresponsible?

Thank you both for your replies, I have only just worked out how to respond! (Dunce!)

I got back on Sunday and I put it out of my mind while we were away, but my appt is tomorrow and I can't shift the feeling of dread.  My instincts are telling me that I already know the result, the thought of another week to wait for results of a biopsy etc are excrutiating!  Anybody else got breast clinic appt tomorrow?

Re: I've delayed my breast clinic appt - irresponsible?

Hi, yes a short holiday won't really make any difference.

I had two visits for further tests as they were too busy to do them all on my first recall visit. Then I had a fortnights holiday booked before going in for my results so treatment was delayed by those 2 weeks.


In some ways things move very quickly once diagnosed but then further appointments and treatment can also take ages to get going.


Plus of course statistics are in your favour.

Have a lovely holiday and good luck.

Re: I've delayed my breast clinic appt - irresponsible?

Hi Hele


Dont beat yourself up over it.  I knew I had a lump in my breast before Xmas, I made an appointment at Docs but then cancelled it cos I wanted to come off HRT and see if it settled.  I also wanted to enjoy a trip to Berlin and Xmas with all the family, and son over from Oz.  I was then waiting till son went back Mid January.  Once he had returned I was going to make another appointment, but my mammogram appointment came through.  I told the ladies there all my symptons, by which time my nipple had begun inverting too. So I did know there was a problem and I did seriously think that I head cancer.  Anyway long shot of it is, the wrote down all I said, I was of course recalled by hospital for further investigations.  On first appointment they said there were two areas and possible lymph nodes, had mammo, ultrasound and core biopsies done.  then had to wait for results two weeks.  When I went back they confirmed it was cancer.  I was assured they are very slow growing and I feel sure it wouldnt have made any difference to my treatment if I had gone earlier, I just might have had op earlier etc.  It was then a further 5 weeks before I had surgery, they assured me that a few weeks would not make any difference.  And now I will be having chemo just about 5 weeks after the surgery, starting on 14th April.


SO upshot of it is, if you can go away and enjoy your holiday without worrying too much (easier said than done) do it.  Hopefully there will be nothing to it and then you would have cancelled everything for nothing.  If there is a problem I am sure that a further two or three weeks will not make any difference.  After all who knows how long these things have been there.  I had nothing 3 years before, so it popped up some time during the following three years didnt it.  It must have grown quite a bit for me to feel it.


You will of course find it increasingly hard to keep it to yourself, I did.  My OH let the cat out of the bag to my son that we were waiting for results.  I didnt want to tell them until I knew one way or the other.  I just think he found it hard to keep it to himself and felt that my sons should know.  I did manage to keep it from two of them, only one was told in the end.


Good luck on your decision and I hope you have a lovely holiday.  Let us know how you get on when you get back.  Val xxx

I've delayed my breast clinic appt - irresponsible?

Hi all, I went to my GP on Monday because I've had some tenderness and itching in my left breast and it's been really bothering me. It feels a bit like when I was breast feeding when my milk came in, you know what I mean? Anyway, no lump but I have since noticed some thickening in my other breast and my nipple seems rather inverted. Anyway, I am going away for 2 weeks on Monday so the GP wants to refer me to the breast clinic but I have asked for it to be when I get back from my holiday, which will be 3 weeks since I saw him. I just want reassurance really that I am not the most irresponsible person in the world! It is mine and my daughter's first holiday abroad and she's been really looking forward to it, as have I! I have been feeling awful since Monday, like I'm living under a cloud, because of the obvious worry that something is wrong and I will regret this unnecessary wait, but it could be nothing in which case I will have ruined our long awaited holiday for nothing! Can someone sane please tell me what they think as I'm losing all perspective on the matter, and can't tell anyone as I don't want to worry them, (although i'm finding it increasingly hard to contain my stress over this).
Thank you!