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I want my nails back!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: I want my nails back!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finished chemo (4 x EC and 4 x TAX) at the end of November 2011 - no herceptin to follow. I lost all my finger nails and some of my toe nails. Finger nails are growing back but with a horizontal deep grooved lines that run side to side on the nail - one for each chemo treatment. I believe they are called "Beau's lines". As each line gets close to the fingertip it flakes off. The last of these lines is about half way down my finger nail now and below that looks healthy and "normal" I rubbed bio oil into the nail bed area of my nails every day whilst going through chemo - I have now stopped doing that after someone commented that bio oil has a link to oestrogen and I am ER+

Hope your nails improve soon - but you could always try false nails if they don't.


I want my nails back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All
Hope you have been enjoying the glorious sunshine today. Anyway I am a little fed up. Toward the end of my chemo I lost alot of my finger and toe nails. I finished chemo Nov 2010 and the herceptin last Sept. ish time. My nails have grown back but my finger nails are shocking! They only seem to grow a tiny bit and what grows just flakes right off!! It is getting very boring. I used to have lovely long nails. I have tried for weeks a strength and regrow treatment - but to no avail. I just wondered how long exactly before I notice some difference???