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I wish I had breast cancer.??

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Very Good to see Breakthroughs  status today on their Facebook Page, Big and Bold picture with BIG BOLD words saying 1,000 WOMEN  , and the text , "This month 1,000 British women will lose their life to breast cancer. We want to stop this.

Thanks to you and your continued support we're making great progress in raising awareness and continuing our medical research into this terrible disease, but the tragic fact is that this disease remains the most common cancer in the UK.

Will you share this post and help us spread the word? Breast cancer is not a done deal."


Without going into Battle with another cancer charity they are getting the message out there, Come on BCC i cant see Anything on your Facebook page like this!! 



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Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

The creative director's defense is just so smug and heartless. I truly do have empathy for people with pancreatic cancer--as I have previously noted, people with MBC have much in common with pancreatic cancer patients.


But the creative director just comes off as absolutely ruthless. What a tool!

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Thank you EnglishMajor for sharing your response! Anyone reading here I would say do have a read, BCC do have a read.
How can someone, Phitidis, make such an extraordinary remark about those complaining getting over it and just getting on with their life shortly afterwards? I write this in disbelief, either he has not bothered to read of the upset, genuine heartfelt upset or he does know and he just doesn't care. Either way it's worrying. I hope the Advertising Standards Agency will be taking this into account. To think another human being could be left upset by this campaign, enough to question the wisdom of such a campaign but then a fortnight later have completely forgotten why is baffling. Perhaps I'm lacking 'emotion', the emotion this man talks about is not anything I understand.
Thanks again EnglishMajor, it's frustrating, I feel I have to thank BCC for their responses to this campaign but if I'm being honest, yes all very well and good but those polite and informed remarks are lost in today's 24 hour news. Team Darwin are correct to say all is yesterday's news but the people unhappy enough to have tried to have a say are the people left picking up the pieces and feeling even more isolated. If breast cancer is a cancer to wish for, ask some people who have had the experience of being diagnosed with it. Again I ask myself am I envious of those who were given a benign diagnosis? No, I don't want anyone to be diagnosed with cancer. Where did the team do their research? Was there any research? Breast cancer is not one disease. Before you portray it as being a walk in the park do your homework. What an odd view on life Team D have, I would hope most people are not as cynical.
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Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

It really upset me to read the creative director's explanation behind the campaign. I hope he will enjoy my rebuttal:



Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

It's a shame an advert isn't stopped after a certain number of initial complaints. However the ASA views this PCA advert it's run it's course and it's certainly got it's message out. Showing my ignorance but for an ad to be passed as suitable for television who sees it, okays it?

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Edited, as was replying to Tink ,so mine doesnt make sense now. Hope your ok Tink 

L x

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??


Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

That is very,very sad news. 


Rob, I'm so sorry for your loss - my heart goes out to you and your family; you are

in my thoughts.




Tink xx

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Dear Rob and family
I am very sorry to read the news that Jo died earlier today, may I pass on sincere condolences from all of us here at BCC
Take care
Lucy BCC

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Yes I saw and posted on the thread in the Dedications and Remembering forums L, really sad news, I'd really hoped the family would have had more time together.
Good to read of all the BCC responses but I do think PCA's campaign will be remembered for a long time, for the cancer envy message. I noticed the Prostate advert too.

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

All my love to Rob and his family at this sad time. I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Helen xxxxx

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Just wanted to say, I am so angry with PCA after reading that Jo, Robs wife has very sadly died earlier today, my heart truely go's out to Jo, and rob and his little girl, this time must have been made so much more difficult for Rob and his family and I hope PCA will now realize how inappropriate and  disgusting this Ad campaign is, I'm sure all of us on the forum feel angered and very very sad to hear this heartbreaking news.


God Bless you all, and Rob please know that we will ALL continue to fight for breast cancer and to get this despicable Ad removed,  I'm so very sorry for your loss.


Linda xx

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Thankyou BCC for your comments, and providing the links to the reactions of other charities. i can't believe that this advert was ever sanctioned and we're at where we're at. Let's just hope that we get somewhere with the ASA,....

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

There have been comments on the PCA FB page from very upset cervical and testicular cancer patients and their families. The statement from Team Darwin is so arrogant in response to the controversy, I wonder if this will be the first in a line of many ads pitching cancer against cancer or other diseases. I think in a way Breast Cancer Awareness is a "victim" of it's own success, always very palatable in pink, almost tongue in cheek with "coppa-feel" rubber "boobies, funny bras on Moonwalk, and cheerful& pushing positive attitude celebrities mostly stating treatment is so doable and they are cured thereafter. No wonder the response from the general public is "thank god it's only breast cancer", there is no public awareness of stage 4 breast cancer. With all the attention focused on early detection and primary disease, metastatic breast cancer has only one day a year of dedicated focus but little of it shows the reality of this in its grimness to the public. Maybe it's time for Breast Cancer awareness to shift more attention to explaining stage 4 in the general public. I also like the Prostate Cancer ad, a united front and effort must achieve so much more than this hurt and anger caused by PCA.

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Hello All,


I thought a united front was more likely to be the way that BCC went and I understand why. 


I do feel that some of the other bc charities presented a stronger reaction/cristicism on behalf of bc sufferers and that BCC's statement was a little insipid (sorry) with its description of the campaign as 'unhelpful' and didn't actually say they disputed (Chris Askew's reaction was more like it and Delyth Morgan's) anything pca said.


Gloria Hunniford was brilliant in her interview for newsnight with Ali Stunt and really put across the disgust we feel at this AD.


I think you are right Cornishgirl, we will have to hope that the ASA responds.


I too never thought such a thing as cancer envy existed and I think for the majority of people it doesn't.


I'm not sure what to think of the last paragraph of BCC's response.


Tink x



Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Hi 2Catlady, Yes I've seen the new Prostate Cancer Ad on Tv over the last few days too, its been very well done  , and like you say Raises Awareness of Prostate Cancer without the need to belittle other Cancers.

Well Done to them for a well thought out  AD Campaign , that I'm sure will be supported by All. 




L xx

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Thank You BCC, I had read all those articles you have posted ,and I can understand why BCC doesn't want to get into a battle with another cancer charity , I just wish that PCA had had the same ethos and respect towards other cancer sufferers , as you say there are no preferable cancers, all are devastating and all are killers, Its very sad that breast cancer is seen by many as a "Wish for Cancer" and I don't know now how breast cancer charities are going to change that view, a very sad time for anyone who has lost friends or loved ones to this terrible disease, and  for those that are currently living with terminal breast cancer.


All we can do now is hope that the ASA respond appropriately ,and reconise the deep offense and hurt that this AD campaign has caused to many many people ,and that they will uphold the many complaints ,and have the words "I Wish I Had ..... Withdrawn .


I never thought id see the day where anyone could ever express Cancer Envy.


Woman Sad

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Dear Everyone


Breast Cancer Care responded quickly and publicly to this campaign on its launch (3 February ) This is what we said: http://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/news/blog/response-pancreatic-cancer-action-adverts-i-wish-i-had-... 


There was widespread news coverage on the campaign that week. This is a selection including our and other charity reactions. (Our comments were also referred to in a number of broadcast interviews);   


The Daily Telegraph: ‘Cancer envy’ campaign won’t help survival rates

Max Pemberton column discusses the Pancreatic Cancer Action adverts and mentions attending a Breast Cancer Care talk about secondary breast cancer and highlights the impact of the disease.



BBC Online: Cancer 'envy' campaign criticised

A campaign to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer has been criticised for suggesting patients wish they had other forms of the disease. Includes Breast Cancer Care’s comment from Samia.



Civilsociety.co.uk: Breast cancer charities slam 'divisive' Pancreatic Cancer Action campaign

Breast cancer charities have hit out at Pancreatic Cancer Action’s advertising campaign for using the slogan ‘I wish I had breast cancer’. Includes quote from Samia and Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Campaign



UK Wired News: Cancer 'envy' campaign criticised

A campaign to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer has been criticised for suggesting patients wish they had other forms of the disease. Includes Breast Cancer Care’s comment from Samia.



Daily Mail: Anger over charity ad which says ‘I wish I had breast cancer’

A pancreatic cancer charity has sparked outrage with the poster campaign bearing the slogan: ‘I wish I had breast cancer.’



We issued our press statement and a blog on the first day that this campaign was released.  We engaged with the press and media and ensured that they were made aware of our availability for any interviews.

We will not battle with any other cancer charity, because as many of you have already said, no one cancer is more or less worth having than another.  Cancer in any and all of its forms is terrifying and potentially life limiting. 


We will continue to provide the information and support for everyone affected by breast cancer. If you do need additional support or would just like to talk things through please do give the Breast Cancer Care Helpline a call on 0808 800 6000.  Lines are open weekdays 9 to 5pm and Saturday 10 to 2pm.


We have passed on all your comments to PCA and will share any response they may provide.


We hear and recognise how important it is for women who have a diagnosis of metastasised breast cancer to have a voice and be heard.  We are considering many options for secondary breast cancer awareness for 2014 and will get back to you when we have more clarity on what these may be.


To read the passion and support shared on this thread is fabulous to see, please continue to let PCA and ASA know your views and feelings.


Best wishes


Forum Coordinator

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Not sure if anyone saw the prostate cancer advert ( think it must be a new one). All they say is men unite the same as women did for BC. Not calling us or belittling our cancer. Ms stunt take note!
Yes,Belinda,like you I'm waiting to see what response BBC will have.

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

I think the campaign is the first in cancer envy! It's quite awful, no-one should feel guilty or apologetic for having breast cancer. I often have a kind of survivor guilt, been here much longer than most, I'm a mum but not of very young children, I did have cancer and mets quite young, early 40's and now I'm my 50's.
I believe Ali Stunt is a PC success story? I wondered if that determined some of the odd message behind the campaign.
Would anyone really think at the time of diagnosis I wish I had such and such cancer? All I thought was how was I going to cope with what I had. I was diagnosed stage 4 at the start but I just took that in, I didn't think of anyone stage 1 or with a benign lump.
Let's hope we have some response from BCC today. Will check in this evening.

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Hi,Tink,please don't feel guilty about anything xxxxx this has been a very stressful and emotionally exhausting week for all BC sufferers.
It's not our fault BC raises funds ,so it should when bc can effects half the worlds population (and some men)
Don't be hard on your self xxxxx huge hug for you xxxxxxHelen xxxxx

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

With hindsight, I don't think posting on FB was one of my better ideas and looking back the last few posts were petty.  I went to bed last night thinking/feeling:


That I have no right to complain about anything so should shut up


Guilty for not dying sooner that I will be


That comapred to others I have it easy (I'd accept that I have more time)


That the world now views the rubbish pc survival rates and lack of funds as

being directly caused by bc publicity, charities and fundraising  rather than the nature of the pc itself

and that breast cancer patients have survived at the expense of pc patients and that dying of pc is worse than dying of any other cancer.


I want to feel sympathy for those with pc, but everytime I see that AD  and 'I wish I had breast

cancer' all I can think is I wish I bloody didn't and feel upset and then guilty for being upset.


I can't even explain properly why I'm so upset as, at this moment in time, I am better off than

those in this AD, but I know there are many who aren't and only God knows when I will join them.



Tink x

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Hi Belinda/All,


I am one of the FB posters and I don't think supporters are thinking when they post in support of this campaign that they are hurting anyone and nobody will admit to causing distress to anyone even when it is pointed out to them. 


There was an intersting 'debate' over statistics as someone had listened and was only looking at stage 4 stats for both groups.  I ended up feeling guilty that I'm not dying quicker   Smiley Frustrated


I did find out that Ms. Stunt chose her statistics carefully for maximum impact.



Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

I'm so sorry to read about your sister Mickey, 32 is so young. Linda I know you have had such an horrendous time of this disease. Perhaps BCC will pull some rabbit out of the hat counter campaign this week. I don't belong to Facebook are the comments unkind? I despair. I haven't looked for, I will now, any reaction from patients with testicular cancer?

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Brilliantly put Linda (standing up and clapping too). Belinda as far as I'm concerned we are all in this together, like Linda says today's primary is tomorrow's secondary. Although I am still a primary lady at present I'm only too aware of how unpredictable bc is (my 32 year old sister died from very aggressive breastcancer). I'm so angry that this outrageous campaign has got as far as it has, it is unforgivable. it would be fantastic to have some more support from the primary ladies on this site....let's help our secondary friends stand up and let their voices be heard. M x

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Well said,(standing up and clapping) YES,we are here and deserve to be counted,acknowledged and supported.We have a voice ,so please listen to us. As Cornish girl said the public need to know the facts. God,I didn't even know what secondary BC was when I got my double whammy!

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

totally agree ,breast cancer is breast cancer is breast cancer end of .xx

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

The thing is Belinda and Tink you SHOULD'NT have to set up separate charities for MBC, why should you be locked away in a quiet corner so no one gets frightened or scared ,Breast Cancer charities need to pull their finger out and start talking about breast cancer as ONE , there shouldn't be any distinction between primary and MBC , like I said before,  today's primary is tomorrows secondary, people might not like hearing the harsh realities of this disease, but harsh and real they are, and it shouldn't be brushed under the carpet, the public NEED to know the true facts of breast cancer not just the pretty side, breast cancer is ugly, and its about time people knew it.


I am as angry as you all are, Its unforgivable.


L x

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

I was thinking the same about the US charities Tink, I wonder if there's some way of starting a UK branch? Wonder if it was possible. X

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Hi Cornishgirl/Mickey,


Cornishgirl, I think I have posted underneath you on FB. 


The damage has definitely been done, but I think a lot of it was done before this campaign.  Cornishgirl is right - the majority of posters on FB (if not all) don't have any form of cancer and their remarks and ignorance show us exactly what they think of breast cancer - pink, fluffy and easy.


Even the media think the pc patients and pca are more important or they would have asked other

cancer patients for their views in the name of balance.


Those of us on FB are trying to put our feelings forward and explain to others how things

really are, but we can only do so much.  We need support.


Belinda, there are quite a few metastatic breast cancer charity groups but they are mostly american - we could really do with one for the UK.



Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

I feel very sad and angry about this. Sad that we now live in such an uncaring society that another charity will trample on those of us who are statistically not going to die of old age but a disease that can wreck havoc. I cannot even begin to understand how bereaved families feel about this. Team Darwin, well done, Ali Stunt, well done, the campaign will probably win some ridiculous award.
We need a breast cancer charity devoted to Stage 4. As some of you have already said whilst there is such a large number of breast cancer patients who do not want to know about metastasised breast cancer we are done for. I cannot tell you how grateful I am when those of you who are not stage 4 get it, are not afraid of posting here. At the moment we are getting so little attention charity wise, yes we have MBC day now but last year it was a Sunday and blink and you would have missed it. Now we are quite done for. From trying to be heard above the Pink and Tickled Pink the message is now we are dying of a cancer you would wish for.
Never mind we know of more realistic stats, apart from friends here others on the various forums are too frightened or just refuse to believe them. I understand some just want to get through treatment and move on, not allow the illness to dominate their lives. Which is why I think we need to have a charity for us, at the moment we are being short changed and nothing hammers that home more than PCA thinking everything is so darn Pollyanna in breast cancer land they can capitalise on it by the type of recent campaign.

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

I agree Mickey 24, Some of the attacks on there from people are unbelievable, One person said yesterday in response to a breast cancer patient that 85% of people survive breast cancer and only 15% die, how uninformed and ignorant some of these people are.

PCA said to me in a comment , (BTW Natasha who replied to Rob is representing PCA on there I know this as it came up on my notifications, ) If this campaign save one life would I still consider them cold and uncompassionate?, My reply was Yes, because in order for PCA to raise awareness and save lives they saw fit to trample on others with no respect or compassion for their suffering and deaths, Most of the people on there don't even have cancer of any form, yet they think its acceptable to attack those that do, Disgraceful charity and disgraceful comments from them all.

Am not sure if anyone knows but Sky News are doing a report on pancreatic cancer throughout the day. Catch it at approximately 10 minutes past the hour. The report includes interviews with Penny Lown, patient, and Ali Stunt, their CEO.They say a massive well done and thank you to Penny for taking part.


Great that PC are getting all this media exposure, but at who's cost?? Other Cancer Patients!. And the shocking thing is ,they  really don't care !!

L x

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

I hope so, I'm getting attacked by people from the PCA facebook site for posting my comments in response to their advert. One of them is quoting overall survival rates of 20% for breastcancer, and says she knows which one she'd pick! The damage has been done.....

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Hi Mickey


BCC management are kept fully aware of all your thought and feelings on this topic and will, I am sure respond appropriately after the weekend.


Kind regards

Jo, Moderator

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Sorry BCC - I re-checked your response and you did mention how many bc kills


Have edited my original post.





Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Hi Tink, I think BCC did say Breast cancer still kills 12,000 women each year and more than 30,000 are today living with a terminal diagnosis., I agree that Team Darwin are idiots, what i take paticular issue with is  "In a day, a week, or a month, all the people who were up in arms by our campaign will no longer be upset. "


A very Glib remark indeed , 


I agree with Angelfalls BCC should have been all over this from day one . 


Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Hi Cornishgirl,


I read the article and I still think 'Team' Darwin are a bunch of fools:


'So our strategy from day one was to confront people with the facts. We did that by showing how it’s a situation so desperate that anything else seems more attractive.


This would be a crass approach were it not completely true.'


I really take issue with these comments and feel the same about taking this as an opportunity to

inform others about the realities of mbc.



We haven't done very well with our campaigns so far if people think that 85% of breast cancer patients are cured - and many of them do.


Will BCC consider some form of educational awareness strategy?




Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

That's a good point Tink, I don't think breast cancer charities have to go up against PCA, but rather use this opportunity to get secondary breast cancer out there, For instance, BCC could highlight the fact that it was because of PCAs new Ad campaign with the recent taglines, "I Wish I Had Breast Cancer" that it has highlighted a very important issue , in how little awareness is actually known about breast cancer and more importantly how little is known about secondary breast cancer , and that it had become apparent through the Ad that the perception of Breast Cancer is often seen by many  as a curable disease, or a good cancer to have. This sadly is not the case , Then breast cancer charities  can begin much needed awareness campaigns for MBC, get people talking about it  ,and get some proper facts and figures out there.


I was reading the Team Darwins response to the AD campaign, and it seems in this new found era of charities struggling to get funds, that being Bold  and useing Shock Tactics and Emotions is the way to get the message across to raise more awareness and funds. I think breast cancer charities for far too long have avoided the difficult issues , and focused far too much on  the good news stories , of course we all want to hear the good news stories ,the strides made in breast cancer, but we mustn't do this at the expense of brushing away the dark side, just because it may be upsetting and shocking to see, the public need to know that breast cancer is far from curable ,and far from being an easier form of cancer to have.


I don't like what PCA has done its repugnant and extremely insensitive to others who are dying of this disease ,but I think in the future in order for cancer charities to get a slice of the pie we will see more and more charities useing the same shock tactics. If we do nothing, then breast cancer will be seen as a wish for cancer , we desperately need to do something to get the message out there that it really isn't. . 




Food for thought BCC? 


Woman Sad

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Hi Everyone,


Another thought occurred to me about why some breast cancer charities may not want

to 'get into' this issue.  Cancer charities present a united front.  If a breast cancer charity

goes up against a pancreatic cancer charity this could be seen as divisive (as if pca's campaign hasn't already done that for patients) and that is not something I think that any charity would want.


Just a thought


Tink x

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Totally agree with everyone's comments. Why is BCC remaining silent? it needs to act now before it's too late. .BCC you cannot ignore the strength of feeling against these ads, they are an utter disgrace. Please BCC can you confirm if and how you intend to respond?

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

It's now been 11 days since the PCA ad campaign was launched and I fear that we're already at the limit of usefulness; any response much later would be too little too late. The BCC Press team should have been all over this the very next day, not just with the official response, but lining up BC Voices to give a metastatic patient's reaction, contacting cervical and testicular cancer charities to work together on a joint response, and so on... We're not Marketing or PR professionals, but this thread has come up with some good ideas!

BCC wouldn't challenge the status quo when we begged them to back in October and unfortunately, I don't think they're going to start now, despite the strength of feeling against these awful ads. The 50% who go on to develop mets have to take a back seat to the 50% who don't, for fear of upsetting them with the truth and I for one wish I knew how we could change that basic inequality, for everybody's sake.

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Hi,Tink,god,I hope you are not correct with why there's no response ! BC sufferers should be scared ,early detection does not always save lives. I got primary & MBC 6 months after a supposedly clear mamo.i was screened every year!and I'm not in the age catchment group. I sick of us MBC sufferers being hidden away ,it's as if we are something to be ashamed of.

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

I hope I'm wrong, but it is possible that many breast cancer charities will not want to publicise the stark facts concerning breast cancer in case it scares people.


Please BCC - this your opportunity to help MBC patients to be heard.





Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Yes,come on BC charities grab the opportunity. Unfortunately if you don't as the old saying says today's news is tomorrow's chip papers .
The damage has been done but you can get the message out about MBC and BC is not a walk in the park.
Unfortunately as the cruel person said in cornishgirls post. We won't get over it ,BC is with us everyday until we die.
I just can't believe what some people will say,God help the human race.

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Yes that's true I'm now reading of the 85% cured breast patients. And BCC have even moved their headline about this story off the front page ! ! ??

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Agree with Belinda , we need a swift response and please be Bold BCC and don't hold back, the public need to know that breast cancer isn't "a cancer to wish for", the continuing comments on PCA facebook page are absolutely terrible, one person commented " A Dirty fight needed to be waged,  other cancers have been sidelined for too long"

Ali Stunt and Team Darwin are saying the campaign is working as they now have over a 200% increase in web traffic so  was worth it , (Though suspect much of that increase is from angry BC patients) They also said the "Action" in Pancreatic Cancer Action, isn't there for nothing. They say in One Day, One Week, One Month, breast cancer patients will get over it, These are just a few of the awful  insensitive and extreamly uncompassionate comments made at breast cancer patients suffering and expense,  


I hope the ASA uphold the many complaints, but as I said earlier, the damage has already been done, they put out the message to the public that breast cancer is a good cancer to have, with a high survival rate, (meaning 85% are CURED to the general Public) Its now out there, and can't be taken back, so if this is now going to be the general publics perception, why will people now bother even giving donations to breast cancer?.


Don't let this opportunity go BCC , the time is Now for Secondary breast Cancer Awareness , with some real facts and figures about some of the true realities of this terrible disease


Woman Sad



Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Evening all,


I have just been trawling over at FB and was thinking about what to post in reply to a

particularly millitant supporter of the campaign and decided to comment that what pancreatic cancer

action have failed to acknowledge (apart from the hurt) is that it is all the other cancer patients who are hurt by this campaign who have paid the price for the success of it.


If they get more funding and awareness it is because of breast cancer/testicular cancer and cervical cancer patients, many of who are dying, and I feel that this should be recognised by pca and also pointed out to the public.


To construct/support a campaign that can only succeed on the pain and misery of others is heinous

imo and Ms. Stunt should be held to account.


I also agree that this is an opportunity to widen public understanding of MBC as there are a lot of

misconceptions on the social forums.



Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Yes that's very true beanbob all free publicity. Go for it BCC and soon please, it will be off the news radar soon but unfortunately most of the general public will have retained the 'wish for' insult.

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Hi BCC, would be good to know what your press team are doing. This is an opportunity to push back and make people aware of the reality of MBC and the need for more funding to go to research to cure all cancers. This is now a news story. Seize it as an opportunity to get your and our message out there to the public, free, without any marketing spend.

Re: I wish I had breast cancer.??

Thank you for mentioning these L, I had no idea how far this campaign had spread.