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If I have to go back to breast clinic...


Re: If I have to go back to breast clinic...

Hi LSM72,
No wonder you are concerned - sounds like you were incredibly unlucky with the equipment last year. I'm shocked to hear the mammogram equipment jammed on you.
In case it helps at all, I was really worried about being overly crushed by the mammogram and told the radiographer before I got anywhere near the machine. She heard my concerns, explained they can obviously see better when more squished but said she could take the machine gently to the minimum point where they can take the mammogram and that if it got too painful she would stop. As it was I did find it pretty painful but knowing I was on the minimum setting with a listening radiographer helped somewhat.
I don't think they'd get as good a view with just a scan...but suggest you ask and explain the pain and duration etc since it may be they can avoid a mamo by just doing the scan?
Do sympathise...I'm not looking forward to annual check up after surgery last year...will def be asking for the minimum setting again!
Hope that helps a tad...

If I have to go back to breast clinic...

Hi all, in October I was at the breast clinic because of a lump and mass behind it. Thankfully lump was benign and cysts were drained on the day. Process of the mammogram was not great but ok until they needed to do magnified mammograms on the lump/mass and the machine jammed with me stuck inside (due to dust, the appt was a Monday am!!!). Fainted over the machine due to the pain. Ultrasound and biopsies no issue for me. Long story short, but I've never felt right in that breast since but for the last few weeks the pain has been horrible. It's not possible to not have a bra on, feel like the breast is dragging (not sure how to describe) and breast tender to touch. I can't feel any lumps though, but its not right. I'm wondering if I have to go again, would they have to repeat all the tests or has anyone just had ultrasound as the appts would have been so close together? Last time ultrsound showed lots of black circular areas and they said very cysty, so trying not to worry too much (easier said than done). 41 and large breasted H cup which they said made mammogram difficult the last time. Any experiences shared would be welcome. Lorrainne